Sixteen92; Birthday Collection

As usual, I’m late to the game, so Sixteen92’s Birthday Collection is no longer available on the site.

To be honest, I wouldn’t actually have bought the Birthday Collection sample set if I wasn’t already making a purchase, i.e my EdP of Paper Moon & full sized version of Theda, but since I was already going to pay for shipping plus I had a discount code, I decided that my wallet could take the hit, so ta-dah. However, I must say that I’ve moved away from gourmet sweet scents (and moving into florals and ouds), and this collection is full of chocolate and pastry and very sweet things. Oh well, a bit of sugar does everyone good, right?

The After Party: Chocolate espresso truffle cake with marshmallow filling topped with dark chocolate ganache
The After Party is definitely chocolately, with the slight pairing of coffee, and strong buttermilk. The chocolate note is smooth and creamy, like biting into a Lindt Lindor truffle and having the chocolate oozing out.

I don’t think the marshmallow note is prominent enough to come through on my skin, since the mix of chocolate and coffee stay on me until the scent fades to nothing in about an hour or so.

The Pool Party: Fluffy white cake with a pineapple-citrus compote filling sprinkled with toasted coconut
This one reminds me somewhat of a pineapple tart, with a fizzy pineapple-y sort of scent dominating the opening. I’m actually quite impressed with how realistic the pineapple smell is. I can faintly detect the coconut note underneath the citrus and pineapple combination, especially once the cake part sort of dies down. However, as the scent completely dries down, there’s a slight plasticky smell, which kind of reminds me of suntan lotion?? Idk, my current sunscreen is fragrance-free, so I have no idea where my impression came from.

The Princess Party: Orange petit fours with fluffy whipped vanilla cream filling and a caramelized brown butter glaze covered with pink fondant
Yup, this one definitely reminds me of one of those artificial orange sponge cake things… and also that satsuma scent from The Body Shop. Nothing offensive or particularly special about this one, though. It’s just plain fizzy orange cake on my skin.

The Masquerade Party: Spiced pumpkin cake filled with toasted pecans and topped with maple buttercream
Pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin. Oh, and did I mention spiced pumpkin? Actually, the pumpkins that I smelled in real life and eaten in dishes never had any sort of smell to them. So where did my notion of how a ‘pumpkin’ smells like come from? Definitely all the Halloween/Autumn indie perfumes that I buy over the years. But yeah, what pecans and what maple buttercream? This one is all the pumpkin + cinnamon/nutmeg on my skin all the time.

The Tea Party: Vanilla almond birthday cake topped with Earl Grey buttercream
ACK. ALMOND is my DEATH note. No, not Death Note as in that notebook toting guy and his kinky partner, I mean, sugar obsessed rival, but a note in a perfume blend that will automatically kill the perfume. The earl grey/bergamot in this perfume managed to salvage a bit of this scent, but it’s not prominent enough and if I sniff any harder, the almond is going to kill me.


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