Things I Love Thursday

This has been a week of sleep deprivation.

I went to catch Fantastic Four with a friend even though I heard how terribad this movie was. And yeah, it was pretty meh, and the only saving grace is that I had someone to snark with and make silly comments. The tickets were free, because firstly, it was a company event, and my boss had purchased the tickets for his family, but since his kids were unable to make it due to school, I got two free tickets instead.

But back to the movie, there were so many bad points I don’t even know where to start, but omg, everything about this film was just tacky, face-palming piece of mess. Seriously, Marvel, you’d put your name to this… this thing?! (no pun intended.) I’m not even fond of the cartoon series that was made during my childhood.

Also, another work related thing: Thank the gods that the team building event is finally fucking over. It was definitely not fun organizing this event, in fact, in comparison, the Christmas party last year was a cakewalk. We had so many issues with this one, budget, HR + procurement issues, vendors, my partner-in-crime etc. But ffs, it’s over and I’m so freaking glad that I’d probably never be arrow-ed for the rest of my stay with this department.

In the unlikely event that you’re interested in what we did for team building, we basically built a go-kart thing within groups and had a mini race in the freaking sun.

In less depressing real life news (or is it more depressing?), I’m still totally enamored with Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’ve managed to pair up enough characters so that their kids will exist in the story, hooray. And also, kind of weird-creepy.

My Sixteen92 order came in the mail~ and there’s my EdP bottle of Paper Moon, which smells amazing, along with a full size bottle of Theda and a sample set of Sixteen92’s Birthday collection. I’ll be reviewing the whole Birthday collection this Saturday, just to make up for the lack of perfumery posts these days, but I’ve been too boring with my choices in perfumes these days. It’s always either Elie Saab’s Le Couture or Serge Lutens’ line.

One of the piano kids introduced me to this game: Deemo. It looks pretty cute, the music is generally quite pleasant, and c’mon, I am a sucker for these kind of tap tap music games. Plus, it appears that this game does have a story line of some sort as well. That’s definitely a bonus point.

And hey there, I got two new critters:
To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to pick up Cynthia, but since I pre-ordered N, I thought I might as well just get Cynthia and make it a set of some sort.

And here’s Araragi Koyomi~ I mainly just love his ahoge :D Yeah, my table is a mess though.


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