Things I Love Thursday

A slightly longer list than last week’s, since idk, I did more stuff this week?

First up, hello new phone.
Because my HTC One died a few months back (died, in the sense that it’s probably repairable, but it’d probably not be worth the cost) and I couldn’t stand using my mother’s iPhone any longer, I decided to get off my arse and check if I was eligible to recontract my line, and hey, I could do so without paying any extra charges, so off I went after work to get a new phone.

Thanks to having a staff pass, I managed to snag myself a corporate plan with higher data cap and a free phone, because c’mon, we all know how cheap Xiaomi phones are, and since I need an Android phone, and I don’t like Samsung phones, so why not Xiaomi. (I mean, I could get another HTC, but nah, it’d cost me more.)

I got the white one, since that was the only available option, but hey, at least it’ll match with my MiPad. So far, it’s working out pretty well, though I hear that Xiaomi phones have a problem of overheating… but so far so good. Hopefully it’d last me about two years and that’s all I’d expect from it actually. Oh, and its name is Shirane, because I’m so original with names, eh.

I got new teas! Because I’ve finished two packets, Earl Grey and Strawberry & Vanilla Green Tea, I thought I’d stock up when I had the chance to get them at Vivocity during lunch. New flavours to try this time round: Champagne Rose and Piccolo.

One of the few rare times you’d actually see a real photo involving my face! Probably because there’s also a bunch of people in there which makes it easier for me to hide my identity? I mean, I never really like my face anyway. And mirrors, they’d be my downfall, just look at Cecil.

Anyway, after like frigging 10 years, we had a mini class reunion! With our old form/SS teacher! She taught history as well, but I was in Literature instead, so I’m not exactly that close to her, plus since when am I ever close to teachers. And omg, she’s now the VP of our secondary school. And I’m working at a crappy job =.= But yeah, it was nice (kind of?) to meet up and find out how the others are doing. I’m guilty of only keeping up with my own clique and a handful of friends here and there, and especially since I’m rarely on Facebook, I don’t even know when people are out of town or even getting married. FFS, people are getting married, at this age?! What on earth am I doing with my life?! *looks at Nendoroid figures in front of my computer screen and my 3DS beside me*

But yeah, it’d be nicer if more people turned up, then it’d be a more chaotic affair, like back in the good old days of dodging homework and wasting time reading fanfic and swapping manga underneath the tables.

Other than meeting up with the class, I also managed to find the time to hang out with a bunch of other friends where we had dinner at The Lab, which is one of those cafes things, though this one was inspired by the tv series, Breaking Bad. Maybe it was a busy day for them or something, but for someone who doesn’t really give a shit about food, I didn’t really like this place. I mean, it was fun and stuff, but that’s only because my friends were an entertaining bunch, but the food itself was meh, and the music was turned up way too loudly for us to carry on a proper conversation without yelling. And the rule that they had, ‘all your guests must turn up by the reserved timing otherwise you will lose your reservations’? That’s kind of bullshit. So yeah, the only good thing was probably the fact that the food arrived pretty quickly, probably so that they could make people eat faster and then leave.

The most fun part of this outing was just buying tea and then chilling at the Gotham building, and listening to Faza read out hilarious MBTI personality articles. Because yes, INTPs, we are doomed to be forever alone stoners wandering from parties to the next town over, so don’t worry when you invite me to your party and I vanish suddenly, because I’m most likely making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I’m home bound… *lapses into Vanessa Carlton song*

After many many weeks of simply letting my iTunes download all the latest Welcome to Night Vale podcast episodes, I’m slowly catching up with the series again. Catching up in the sense that I’m re-listening to all the old episodes. I’m not sure if I’d like the new episodes, because it feels like the story line has gotten really far ahead, and I’m still like, awww Cecil and his cat and Carlos and science, and intern Dana is finally back and kicking ass against the Desert Bluff folks…



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