Things I Love Thursday

Yup, catching up on backdated posts once again. It’s weird, I prefer to write things down on pen and paper, and because of that I usually end up drafting posts randomly and then procrastinating the shit out of writing them.

I went to check out Artscience Museum’s latest exhibition, The Deep, on my day off. I actually wanted to go over the long weekend, but I fell ill.

The Deep brings together the most comprehensive collection of deep-sea creatures, with more than 40 extremely rare animals being displayed. Set in a pitch-black environment with vague ethereal sounds, the exhibition tries to transport you to an entirely immersive experience of being in the realm of the deep sea.

I really enjoyed walking around the exhibition, reading up about all these immensely fascinating creatures. While space is the final frontier, it is amazing how we have yet to plumb the depths of our own planet’s oceans. And when I say plumb, I don’t mean destroying the fragile beauty of corals or taking steps to further ensure the extinction of rare species, but rather exploring and learning about the creatures sharing our planet.

And speaking of space as the final frontier, how amazing is this?!

Dimsum dinner with the clique at Kowloon Express – also finally a meetup where all of us turn up. We were supposed to check out Mookata, but because of some dissenting opinions, we ended up choosing dimsum instead. I’m not much of a food person, so it didn’t really matter to me what we had, but the food was pretty good and not too pricey. Also, I never knew 321 Clementi Cinema mall existed until now.

There was a short 20% sale at JEM’s Kinokuniya over the weekend, and it took me just 12 minutes of indecision and walking about before I turned back and picked up this Hozuki nendoroid. Isn’t he just adorable~~ :D I like how the parts are detachable, and I can imagine if you have a few nendoroids, you can probably create a totally new character or something. So yes, I’m on the lookout for more nendoroids to add to my collection, but so far, the range is pretty limited to anime series that I’m not particularly interested in. (Okay, maybe I wouldn’t mind getting a Cardcaptor Sakura one, for nostalgia.)

Being too lazy to wash my makeup brushes but too squeamish of germs and dirt to reuse dirty brushes, what solutions do I have? Oh yeah, buying more brushes!

There was a sale going on at Luxola, so I picked up a set of Sigma brushes. I didn’t bother getting more smaller brushes since normally I’m too lazy to do anything beyond applying foundation and eyebrow liner, and maybe mascara.

And speaking of laziness, here’s me signing off.


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