Things I Do Not Like Tuesday

So normally, I do a weekly list of Things I Love Thursday (TiLT), but I thought this week I could do a round up of things I didn’t appreciate, #thanksobama!

I know everyone in the entire world tends to complain and whinge about the weather – it’s a universal human problem, unless you live in somewhere with conditions like paradise, in which case, fuck you and your luck. But yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re living here with its tropical shitty climate, or if you’re huddled up in a parka in Russia, we will have something disagreeable to comment on with regards to the sky above our heads. But seriously, our weather has been hot hot HOT HOT HOT and it feels like everyday, the sun is competing with itself, by going, ‘hmm, I wonder if I can beat my own personal record and burn even hotter? ooh, lookit, I can go even hotter. take that, everyone who says I can’t achieve anything!’

This escalator is located at the link between Buona Vista station to the Circle Line, and normally, there are 4 escalators, 2 upwards-riding, 2 downwards-riding. And for too long (I think 4 – 5 months????), one of the upwards-riding escalator has been broken, and they have stuck a giant sign basically saying ‘We are (NOT) sorry for the inconvenience caused (because fuck you guys anyway). It will be fixed by 30 June 2015. And la dee da, 30 June has arrived, and hey, look, the escalator has been fixed and we won’t have a massive pile up when everyone is squeezing to use that sole escalator during the peak hours. OF COURSE NOT, I’M ONLY JOKING. They changed the date to 8 July instead, like we’re all goldfishes with what, 3 months long memories?!

ETA: It’s now stated as 27 July. FFS, I bet they’re just changing the date randomly, like ‘hey, it’s 26 July, and the escalator still isn’t bloody fixed yet. oh well, I’ll just put 12 August on the signboard to placate those commuters.’

When you are paid enough money to make Scrooge McDuck look like a fucking peasant, I think everyone expects you to deliver results. If not, you should just do as the Japanese do and commit seppuku because you have brought dishonor on your organization. The breakdown of the train system island-wide was chaotic and while I understand that the SMRT employees were trying their best, and they were informative, friendly and trying to be helpful, it still pisses me off. There were people swarming around crazily, trying to board the free buses, taxis were packed, and idk, just genuinely very disappointed in the public transport system all around. Man, do we pride ourselves on our transport system? Because this was embarrassing.

Caveat: I’m not a fantastic teacher myself, I don’t know how to motivate kids who don’t want to learn piano and all I do is bribe them with stickers.

But I can honestly tell you that when I’m teaching, I don’t do things like fiddle with my phone, ignore my students, do basically anything else rather than putting my attention on their crappy playing. So yeah, it irks the shit out of me when I get transfer students from other teachers, and they tell me that their previous teachers didn’t really teach them. No matter what you’re learning, the instructor in charge of teaching you the basics are the most important, in my opinion. They are the ones building your foundation, and without a solid foundation when you’re learning to play the piano, you can’t progress smoothly, not when you’re unfamiliar with the notes, with basic rhythm and just not able to play properly with the right techniques.

Look, I didn’t really want to talk about this kid, because he’s a kid and he’s at that stage of life where he makes poor life choices, which is completely normal, except he also has no self-preservative instincts, which is why he should be awarded the Darwin Fail award. He’s a kid thinking, everyone around me are sheep, I’m the only person who sees what is going on, like some Neo-esque character from the Matrix (ah, the irony since Neo is supposedly a Messiah-esque character), when he’s just too dumb to realise that ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down’. We all probably have our own resentment towards whatever that is going on in the country, but you know, the common sense thing to do is to pipe the fuck down and try hard to leave this place/change this place through the ‘right’ means (whatever that is)/etc.

However, I don’t know what is going on in the minds of all the adults who are playing along with him. Because all everyone is doing, is feeding the troll. You’re just giving him the ammunition to feel like it’s him versus the world, which is probably how he sees the world – in total black and white, instead of realising that the world doesn’t work in binary. Also, this: ‘it has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.’ (source)

To be honest, if I were his parent/guardian, I would have forced him to apologize for his actions, take whatever punishment meted out before all hell broke loose, and then once the punishment is done, I’d have shipped him overseas with a one-way ticket. Because it’s not so bad to be dissing religion or your government when you’re in the US or even the UK, because dude, I have laughed too hard when comedians diss David Cameron or Ed Miliband, and we all know what some crazy folks think their government really is.

[disclaimer: this is for comedy purposes, no religious folks were harmed in this fictional exchange in my brain because it is the middle of the night here, and there are no religious folks to debate with in my room.]
Also, if religious people can be butthurt about people dissing their religion, can someone be butthurt about religious people trying to evangelize them? Because do you know how many times I’ve been stopped by people who want to ‘share about the lord and saviour‘? I mean, what if I was a Buddhist, can I feel marginalized by the way they keep trying to force it down my throat? (You know, like how easily butthurt religious folks feel that gay rights are being shoved down their throats, because innuendos fly over their heads like pretty rainbows.)

This must be the most goddamn annoying thing ever, when your earphones are working fine one day, and suddenly the next day, one side of the earphones just refuses to emit sound anymore. What did I ever do to you, man! It’s annoying because the other side is fine, and now I have to get an entirely new pair of earphones because I’m not deaf in one ear after all. Seriously, it feels like all my earphones die in the same way. And yeah, you can probably tell me that I can fix it by doing some DIY-ing, but fuck it, I’m not a DIY-er, I have no DIY-able skills or talents.


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