Sixteen92; Summer Collection

THE BEAUTIFUL & DAMNED: Sparkling pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry and currant with soft violet, gardenia and vanilla absolute
I found The Beautiful and Damned to be sickly sweet, like sticky melting candy, with a waxy plasticky undercurrent. The jammy aspects of berries overwhelm the citrus possibilities of grapefruit, and damn, I have yet to find a fantastic grapefruit note other than that grapefruit perfume from Fresh. As for the plasticky note, I’m betting my non-existent hat that it’s the gardenia playing up because it reminds me vaguely of jasmine.

But it became amazing when the scent had the chance to settle and dry on my skin, toning down the floral aspects and turning up the juicy, fruity notes, though no traces of citrus or grapefruit remained. However, I thought the composition of this scent to be quite generic, the typical fruity/floral blend you’d expect from Bath & Body Works.

BLOOD & HONEY: Blood orange, wildflower honey (vegan), pale amber, honeysuckle
The first sniff made me relook at the label, because man, I was expecting honey sweetness, but instead it was bitter and green, which might be the honeysuckle, or the rind of blood oranges. The dry down gave me dry musty spices, like an old dusty shophouse…

The honey crept out like a jilted lover during the dry down, it is a lovely golden syrup kind of honey, slow and sweet, easily banishing away the mustiness but it feels a little like too little, too late.

ETERNAL RETURN: Peat moss and damp garden soil, tomato leaf, beetroot, grass, herbs, lavender spikes, galbanum, sun-warmed oak bark
Judging from the notes, I expected that I would dislike this a lot, but strangely, I’m alright with this scent. Green, clean, like running around in a garden. There is a tangy sweetness, which may be the tomato leaf or beetroot, tempered out by the earthy notes, which makes this a very pleasant scent overall.

The earthy notes vanish during the dry down, leaving behind the green sweetness – I found this scent to be pretty unique, and yup, this is a great fit for a summer perfume, all outdoorsy and garden-y.

PAPER MOON: Soft vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom, rose
Oh, Paper Moon, I knew I would love you, when I first saw your notes. Soft, delicate, like a wispy cloud in the bluest sky. The peach blossom is light but sweet, with a bare touch of vanilla and benzoin. I’m not sure this is a summer kind of perfume though, it feels like it should belong in the winter category, like the first stirrings of snow and cold winds. Might need to get a full size of this one though, because it smells really great.

THEDA: Tart sangria infused with ripe summer fruits (white peach, nectarine, berries, citrus), dark vanilla, wild vines, rose absolute
This is also another instant favourite – peach and nectarine notes are most prominent upon application, tart and juicy and kind of boozy, like how a good sangria should be. Man, I’d kill for a decent pitcher of sangria now. Someone reading this, let’s go out drinking sometime.

Oh yes, and layering Paper Moon and Theda together create the most amazing scent ever (yes, I exaggerate, but it smells so good).

Aaaand, because I have a 30% coupon for my next purchase, I definitely definitely know what I’d be picking up already. And if the summer collection is this good already, I cannot wait to see what autumn and winter will be like, since those two are my favourite seasons.


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