Things I Love Thursday

One week of being on time with posting and here we are clearing back log again, just like how my work life is. Yay =.=

Last Monday was the best ever workday so far because both my bosses weren’t around and I basically did so very little work while I lounged around reading fic and listening to music. If only all work days are like these, I’ll be a totally relaxed ball of fluff and so very mellow and willing to go to work.

Since I got ditched for lunch by one of my coworkers the other day, I decided to head down to Vivo by myself because, why not, right? And I struck gold because I got my hands on Serge Lutens’ Jeux de Peau, which has been on my wishlist since last year, and I was resigned to not getting it any time soon because I thought the shops here weren’t going to bring it in, but somehow it was there and I’m like, this is a sign from the perfumed heavens above :D

Best outing of the week so far: going to Teo Heng KTV with the clique and just singing a bunch of crappy pop songs, but it was hilarious watching my friends dance and make weird noises and yeah, I learned three new Taylor Swift songs, you guys!
But also, as usual, pop songs are ridiculously easy to sing even if you haven’t heard them before. They’re so predictable and repetitive.

We went over to my brother’s new flat during the weekend, before the renovation started because my mother wanted to do some weird Chinese ritual thing to bless the flat or something and it was pretty cool to see how there are already plans drawn up on the walls by the contractor, and idk, it’s so weird to think that my second brother will be moving out by this year… and it’s also kind of sad because even though we aren’t close and stuff, I like to think that my brothers have got my back.

Also, this one is kind of lame but goddamn it, I’ve beaten two of the hardest obstacles in Pokemon Shuffle: MewTwo and Milotic after too many tries. Like fucking finally because you do not want to know how many times I’ve wanted to throw down my 3DS and just rage quit.

This may sound terrible of me, but there’s officially no parental authority for like 2 weeks and my life is going to be wake up late, sleep late, eat crap, stay out late and do random shit and there will be no one nagging at me! :D

And to add to everything, hurray for the long weekend since we get off work early tomorrow for Eat with Your Family Day, except I’ll be hanging out with my friends instead and shooting the breeze and stuff, and Monday is a public holiday so more time to laze around and chill~


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