As I will be moving to a different team sooner or later, the current bosses have negotiated with their boss to hire another temp to take on my role, so that I can show the new person the ropes/write the SOPs for them to use before being thrown off to the next deep pool to drown myself slowly.

While my new role will probably come with addition angst and extra work, I think I’d like to shift over as soon as possible, so that there will be more new things to learn, rather than staying in my comfort zone, doing stuff with both eyes closed because I’ve already gotten the hang of it ages ago. Yeah, I still make careless mistakes though, oversights because I’m the careless type in general, and there’s nothing much to panic about after a while. I just dole our solutions and antidotes and life goes on, all is relatively well until the next thing blows up in my face because of whatever I did(n’t) do and then it’s back to soothing ruffled feathers and chilling the fuck out.


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