Things I Love Thursday

I’m always playing catch-up with my posts, mainly because I tend to jot down the stuff I want to write about with one-liners and then wait till the weekend to do a massive post dump because the rest of the time I’m too tired to sit down and form coherent words with my fingers.

I attended Valentina Lisitsa’s performance at the Esplanade the other day, and despite the fact that it was uncomfortable, I had a pretty good view of the stage. In fact, I could see her playing, since I was sitting above her, near the piano. The programme did not really excite me, because… Chopin’s Etudes tend to be overplayed, but the Liszt was good. I’ve been told by my previous piano teacher that Liszt’s pieces are bad choices for me, and I suppose I have to agree. I have neither the technical competency nor the passion/temperament to pull off his pieces.

To keep myself from falling asleep at my desk because I’m constantly sleep deprived and not even Dragonforce can keep me awake now as I just sleep sing to their songs these days, I have turned to watching random comedians perform. These comedians are mostly the ones that go on Russell Howard’s Good News. Okay, Russell Howard himself can be pretty funny at times too. But I like watching, or rather listening to random comedians, just to find people with different material.

Materialism at its finest:

Sixteen92’s Summer Collection is here~ :D plus idk, a white bead stretchy bracelet that I don’t know what to wear with/to. I will get around to reviewing them, as soon as I’m done with the Spring collection. But just looking at the notes, I think I will like them more than the Spring collection.

It was Shiro Cosmetics’ 5th Anniversary recently! There were a bunch of candy with my order, but I had to toss them out because there were ants crawling all over the package when it arrived in my mailbox and because I’m a wuss, I ended up washing the package before I opened it. Luckily, the ants were less interested in sparkly things because they have no sense of aesthetics.

More soaps and sugar scrubs because they’re definitely going to be used since you know, I take at least 2 showers a day.

Also, did you know that there is a Moleskine shop?? Well, I didn’t until I stepped into Westgate.


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