fractured reflections in a tepid lake

may: son of wands
I see energy in this month, but it’s the sort that is quick to come and quick to fizzle out (the card shows bright lines, almost like fireworks), there might be some sort of excitement or change happening in this month, but it won’t last long.

june: the emperor
perhaps this month has more of a focus/direction but if so, it is a rigid and inflexible one, in which, it feels like there’s this notion that there is only one right way of doing things, but that’s hardly ever the case. There’s an eclipse in the background, which may suggest keeping a low profile.

july: the hierophant
the card shows lightning striking a key delivered by a crow. may suggest an enlightening message of some sort is to come, or could also be a flash of inspiration. but the key could also mean that whatever is coming to light might not be good, since it was locked up in the first place.

august: daughter of cups
a swan on a calm surface: could mean a need to think about emotional aspects of your life, and also communication of some sort. the entire energy of the card is still and tranquil, perhaps a restful time is to be expected.

september: the tower
lightning striking a tree – expect changes to occur, and perhaps these changes will be felt by others around you as well (lightning + tree = forest fire maybe?). but even so, these changes may leave the area devastated but there’s also the idea of renewal and regrowth, since nature is pretty hardy, unlike the normal Tower cards where an actual tower is struck.

october: ace of wands
card shows a branch with three blossoms against a orangey-red background – suggests a flash of energy, or quick changes to come, or the potential for growth, considering the blossoming branch. but being a fire card, the energy could be quick to run out or needs to be reined in.

november: son of pentacles
a young deer underneath a crescent moon – growth of some sort, since the moon is either waxing or waning and the deer has yet to grow into its antlers, but the somber expression could also suggest being weighed down by responsibility and needing to be strong.

december: mother of pentacles
an alert mother deer and her fawn resting with green/blue background – it’s restful and calming, perhaps a time of relaxation to restore oneself before the start of another year.


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