Sixteen92; The Sound and The Fury & Wise Blood

I procrastinated too much and now Sixteen92’s Spring Collection has been taken down to make way for Summer.

Hence there is no professional, clean looking image from the site, but instead you get my own crappy photo.

Because I like alphabetical order like a person with mild OCD tendencies, we’re going to go with The Sound and The Fury first.

Notes: Southern sweet tea, Carolina jessamine, balsam, fern, warm skin musk, loam

Honestly, with the sweetness of southern tea, this shouldn’t be a spring scent – it’s more of a fruity summer scent, in my opinion. A glass of sweetened iced tea while you’re sitting on your back porch, kicking back in a rocking chair, watching your grandkids run around in the garden, with the smell of freshly turned earth and green plants, this is how I visualise The Sound and the Fury. Probably my favourite out of the whole Spring collection, though I do wish it was slightly stronger, in terms of sillage and longevity.

And guess who is a major klutz and spilled about 1/3 of my bottle Wise Blood?
Notes: champaca absolute, tuberose, white pepper, Orris root, guaiacwood, cardamom

This one is hands down weird on me. It’s definitely stronger than The Sound and The Fury (why is it that the scents you don’t like tend to linger on you more?!), and it’s almost salty and musky… Despite how tuberose notes are normally extremely prominent on me, I can barely detect a hint of it. Instead, yes, it’s champaca overdose with a shot of spicy cardamon on the top, anchored by the base of guaiacwood. The notes I wanted (tuberose and orris root) were pretty much non-existent on me unfortunately.


inside jokes

I blame the people I’ve been hanging out with today. But don’t we all miss the good old days when you’d just lift an eyebrow and the other person will just get what you mean?

Things I Love Thursday

One week of being on time with posting and here we are clearing back log again, just like how my work life is. Yay =.=

Last Monday was the best ever workday so far because both my bosses weren’t around and I basically did so very little work while I lounged around reading fic and listening to music. If only all work days are like these, I’ll be a totally relaxed ball of fluff and so very mellow and willing to go to work.

Since I got ditched for lunch by one of my coworkers the other day, I decided to head down to Vivo by myself because, why not, right? And I struck gold because I got my hands on Serge Lutens’ Jeux de Peau, which has been on my wishlist since last year, and I was resigned to not getting it any time soon because I thought the shops here weren’t going to bring it in, but somehow it was there and I’m like, this is a sign from the perfumed heavens above :D

Best outing of the week so far: going to Teo Heng KTV with the clique and just singing a bunch of crappy pop songs, but it was hilarious watching my friends dance and make weird noises and yeah, I learned three new Taylor Swift songs, you guys!
But also, as usual, pop songs are ridiculously easy to sing even if you haven’t heard them before. They’re so predictable and repetitive.

We went over to my brother’s new flat during the weekend, before the renovation started because my mother wanted to do some weird Chinese ritual thing to bless the flat or something and it was pretty cool to see how there are already plans drawn up on the walls by the contractor, and idk, it’s so weird to think that my second brother will be moving out by this year… and it’s also kind of sad because even though we aren’t close and stuff, I like to think that my brothers have got my back.

Also, this one is kind of lame but goddamn it, I’ve beaten two of the hardest obstacles in Pokemon Shuffle: MewTwo and Milotic after too many tries. Like fucking finally because you do not want to know how many times I’ve wanted to throw down my 3DS and just rage quit.

This may sound terrible of me, but there’s officially no parental authority for like 2 weeks and my life is going to be wake up late, sleep late, eat crap, stay out late and do random shit and there will be no one nagging at me! :D

And to add to everything, hurray for the long weekend since we get off work early tomorrow for Eat with Your Family Day, except I’ll be hanging out with my friends instead and shooting the breeze and stuff, and Monday is a public holiday so more time to laze around and chill~

keeping up appearances

There’s this lady in the office (same department but totally different circles) who I thought was in her mid 30s to early 40s, so guess how surprised I was to learn that she’s actually in her mid to late 50s. Apparently she attributes her complexion to her skincare routine, which consists of products ranging from 200 to 700 bucks each. And she’s also very into branded goods, which I totally did not expect because she looked so practical and serious, and not someone who would drop a few thousands bucks on a handbag. There’s another lady in the office who’s also decked out in branded items, but that I can tell, since she’s always immaculately dressed and made up.

Which leads me to thinking about my own skincare routine, and noticing how terrible my skin is at times. Despite being in my twenties, I still break out in zits from time to time, while the blackheads on my nose and dark eye circles are my most loyal subjects since they never go away despite whatever cream or potion I use. Not to mention things like pores, that I can’t help but notice when I’m staring at my reflection in the mirror. And that’s just the skin surface, we haven’t even delved into how weird I think my eyebrows look and where on earth are my cheekbones and is that the full moon or just my face, am I right. Having a mirror with a 3x magnification will always ensure that you do not have a puffed up impression of your face.

Suddenly I realise why some people are adamant about not going out in public without wearing any make up at all, and while I’m hardly going to sacrifice half an hour of sleep just to slap cosmetics on my face, I think I’m definitely going to try and make an effort by wearing sunblock as a start of some sort. Maybe I still have time to ensure that I look youthful even when I’m turning 50, that is, if I make it to 50, of course.

Sixteen92; The Orchard Keeper

And he no longer cared to tell which were things done and which dreamt.

☾ Notes: ☽ Night blooming jasmine, peach, apricot, pink pepper, sandalwood

Yet one of those books I doubt I’ll ever pick up because of its plot and themes, but The Orchard Keeper smells really good. Peach and apricot, like bright bursts of sunshine, sweet syrupy juice running down your hands, the wind gently teasing at your hair… that’s how the scent begins, as the jasmine slinks in sensuously. While the jasmine note is prominent, it blends very nicely with the notes of peach and apricot, making it a well-balanced scent – fruity sweetness and creamy white florals. The sandalwood anchors the whole fragrance once it has settled and dried down, so the overall scent is never overwhelming.

Things I Love Thursday

Surprise, surprise, I managed to be pretty on-task this week, with my posting at least. I’m still feeling sluggish about work in general, and my bosses are really relaxed themselves, what with their twice daily coffee breaks, once in the morning, and the other in the late afternoon.

It was the closing weekend for the Leonardo da Vinci: Shaping the Future exhibition over at Artscience Museum, and admission was free, so I dragged myself down to check it out last Sunday, and managed to spent over 2 hours just examining all the exhibits.

Leonardo da Vinci was a man of many talents, and perhaps the epitome of the Renaissance Man, considering how diverse his subjects were: mathematics, art, geography/cartography, botany, engineering, natural science, architecture. The Artscience Museum had 26 original pages from his largest notebook, the Codex Atlanticus, on display, and it was really quite interesting to see how his note-taking was like – messy and jumbled, subjects overlapping, a sketch of this and that here and there, basically reminiscent of college students with limited notebook space.

Also, over the weekend, I learned that there’s going to be a new kid on the way! I’m not that excited, considering you know, tiny babies are prone to shrill shrieking and drooling and generally making a mess, but I guess it makes my family pretty happy to have a new addition to the family. The new kid will probably arrive sometime in December, so… man, another Capricorn in the family… but at least this one will be a goat :D

My coworker just came back from Thailand yesterday, and she was nice enough to buy me a card holder with my name etched on it. I was a little touched, considering how she didn’t buy anyone else anything, and she told me to keep it to myself because only I got something, and I’m like, man, I didn’t know you like me enough to get me stuff. Idk I guess I like knowing that people like me, and don’t just put up with me because I try to be a people pleaser at times, and sometimes I wonder if I’m trying too hard and coming off as idk. Speaking of, the big boss just mentioned in a kind of joking manner (I hope =.=), that I look like a serial killer because whut. And this was in response to my direct supervisor saying something like, even though I look so civilized, I like creepy stuff like skulls (because they saw my dia de los muertos tumbler) Yeah, I have no words. Just 3 lines -.-|||

This showed up in my Youtube recommended videos, and at first I was like, meh, I’m not really impressed and stuff, but then Mikey, the blond dude, sang the bridge (?) and I like, dude, I like your attitude, and I like how the other band members just looked at you with those stunned eyes and you all know my soft spot for blondes. But anyway, yeah, I only like this one cover from them. I never did like the original from Katy Perry and previously, my go-to versions of this song were the acoustic and acapella performances from Glee, but idk I like the nonchalant style of 5 Seconds of Summer.


As I will be moving to a different team sooner or later, the current bosses have negotiated with their boss to hire another temp to take on my role, so that I can show the new person the ropes/write the SOPs for them to use before being thrown off to the next deep pool to drown myself slowly.

While my new role will probably come with addition angst and extra work, I think I’d like to shift over as soon as possible, so that there will be more new things to learn, rather than staying in my comfort zone, doing stuff with both eyes closed because I’ve already gotten the hang of it ages ago. Yeah, I still make careless mistakes though, oversights because I’m the careless type in general, and there’s nothing much to panic about after a while. I just dole our solutions and antidotes and life goes on, all is relatively well until the next thing blows up in my face because of whatever I did(n’t) do and then it’s back to soothing ruffled feathers and chilling the fuck out.


So, I had the dubious honour of getting my Origin account hacked by someone, and I had to jump through a couple of hoops, like contacting EA customer support to get my account back into my control. It wasn’t hard to do so, and the EA rep was helpful and polite. Also, thankfully, I don’t ever store my credit card information anywhere. I think I did once for the Steam store unknowingly, but I’ve already removed my credit card from there before this fiasco.

Also, idk why my account in particular got hacked, considering I’ve never really been active on any Origin/EA platform, and I only have 4 games: Mass Effect & Dragon Age & The Sims. What sad loser would want my account?

But yes, this led me to thinking about password security, and how my old passwords are usually quite laughable in their password strengths – you know, how you should have numbers, capital letters and symbols in your passwords so that it’s harder to crack.

That’s how sad my old password is, you guys.

But don’t worry, these days, all my passwords have the desired mixtures of letters and numbers and symbols, and plus I’ve added extra security measures on Origin, to the extent that I find it a chore to log in, since I have to whip out my phone to enter the pin, like I have to do with my credit card. So hopefully, people have better things to do than try to hack into my various accounts… because there’s really nothing to get…