Things I Love Thursday

Well, it’s been a while – it’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, it’s just I haven’t really been in the mood to post anything.

Long weekend ahoy~ Except yes, piano teaching on Saturday plus tuition on Sunday, but I’m kind of used to it and slowly I’m brainwashing myself into enjoying my weekend stints as a long-suffering, extremely sarcastic but generally relaxed teacher. I only hope my students think I’m cool too. (Why yes, I like to seek the approval of my students, because apparently one of them thinks I’m nice even though I’m not pretty, geez I didn’t know teaching piano requires good looks too, amirite.)

Got my Mi Pad a couple of weeks back :D It’s named sylveon, and it’s kind of a ‘matched’ pair with the Kindle, which is named umbreon (so much cooler than just being _boss’ name_). Of course, with any new gadget, it has eaten much of my attention, and can I just mention, how much easier it is to bring my scores with me around, especially when I’m going to piano class and I don’t want to lug a bunch of books around, what with my short attention span.

Plus, other than just being good for reading scores and pdfs, I’ve downloaded a couple of games to tide me over when my internet is shit and I need something to occupy my attention. And because I’m secretly a geriatric, the things I play are Wordsearch and True or False – I like knowing that my cache of random facts are useful for something. For instance, J. Lo is a New Yorker, didja know that? (I didn’t actually, until I got the question wrong.)

 Thanks to Twitter, I now know that Josh Groban has a new album out, and it’s full of songs from Broadway. Cue my delighted squeal because why not? Josh Groban not only can sing brilliantly, he’s cute (those curls and dat smile) and possesses a fantastic sense of humour. He’s like a dream guy that people can bring home to meet their parents and be praised by them for making good life choices. (Sorry, I know he’s an actual person with real life personality and flaws and good qualities, he’s not a Ken doll.)

Goodies in the mail – Sixteen92’s Spring Collection is here and I love how unique everything smells! My favourites: The Orchard Keeper and The Sound and the Fury. I will probably do actual reviews for them sometime soon.

 Savor Soap’s has the fastest turnabout time and shipping timeframe I’ve seen in a while. Everything was nicely shrink wrapped and the ingredients were clearly labelled. The soaps were soft and creamy, and moisturizing enough that I don’t feel bad about skipping body lotion because who has time to slather lotion on their skin daily?! I mean, I only make the effort once in a few weeks because I don’t want to waste my body butters.

 Had a 10% coupon code for Escentials so I headed down to Paragon last weekend to sample a bunch of perfumes, even though I already knew that I was going to get Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile. A delicate citrus-y floral, nicely straddling spring and summer.

 Also went to catch Marvel’s latest superheroes flick – Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was fun flick, because c’mon, it’s written by Joss Whedon, who gets a free pass in my book. But while it was enjoyable, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I really liked it a whole bunch, because it feels like the storyline is too cliched, and seriously, I don’t think I quite like the character development explored in this film. (Why must there be a romance subplot, why can’t everyone be like in The Strawhats where it’s all platonic friendships only? Leave the romance to fanworks, alright?)

 Oh Swery, I’ve only seen bits of Deadly Premonition and D4, but I would love to sit down and pick your brain, also because of you, I now want to check out Twin Peaks, despite knowing that it has been a cult classic. (I never really got around to doing so because the quality is so dated, since it was produced in the early 90s.) But yes, I will now get around to it, I promise, just to see all the influence the show had on the games.


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