exit, pursued by a bear

what is this fleeting notion of happiness and why do we try to chase after wisps and bits of it, like a junkie craving for a fix.

the pursuit of happiness itself is paved with good intentions but all it leads to is a colourless existence, in the sense that you’re so busy trying to find ways to be happy that you forget to simply exist in the moment.

since emotionally, happiness is a high point, eventually the payoff just decreases and over time, you’d find that it’s harder for you to feel happy. in contrast, I think what we need is the ability to be content, and that’s much harder to be, because being content means learning acceptance – to accept that there are limits, to accept that something is good enough already. and that goes against everything we’re told since we were young. we were taught to push boundaries, to dare to dream and go out there brandishing swords in the name of justice and that do or do not, there is no try.

maybe I’m just feeling very cynical and jaded, maybe there’s a voice locked up inside my head screaming that happiness is not a lie, which, I’m not implying it is, I’m just saying that the payoff isn’t good enough for me.

also, I apologize for the lame joke because apparently my mind likes to make weird associations with words.


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