Things I Love Thursday

 To be honest, the new Nightwish album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, did not dazzle me when I first listened to it. Unlike Imaginaerum, I didn’t instinctively felt drawn to any of the songs, though they were enjoyable. But over time, with repeated plays of individual songs, I’m quite fond of the album as a whole, and I’ll have to disagree with the detractors who think that Floor’s voice was underutilized. In fact, in some songs, Floor’s voice reminded me of Tarja, that same vocal range and expressiveness. Also, fuck, Edema Ruh is gorgeous and I need to reread the Kingkiller series.

How to make a commute less sucky: Playing games on my NDS, so here’s some games that have entertained me.

 Yes, it’s one of those free to play games with in-app purchases, but it’s fun and I’ve yet to spend a single cent on this, and that’s no liable to change. Basically Pokemon Shuffle is like… Bejeweled, except you get to swap far away pieces and there’s a Pokemon fighting and catching mechanism. It’s strangely enjoyable and also very frustrating when you have a 90% chance of catching a Pokemon, and you still fail.

 More Phoenix Wright~ Because who doesn’t want to be a poor. abused attorney who bluffs his way through court trials and has to investigate crime scenes on his own because the detective is useless? This guy here :D

 Recently, Lupicia opened a new branch in Vivocity, and being a fan of tea, of course I’d check it out.

I got myself a sampler bag first, just in case I didn’t like them, and I didn’t want to commit to a huge tin of tea leaves/bags right from the start. But hey, the teas were delicious :D And I can’t wait to go back for more. Seriously, Idk if they scented their tea bags because even when I’ve only opened the packet, I can smell the aroma of tea and the flavours.

In a random meeting with my bosses and the big boss, I mentioned offhandedly that I buy a lot of books and immediately the big boss offers to give me his old Kindle, since he has two, and he doesn’t have time to read. I thought he’d only mentioned it to look generous and likeable, but I was pleasantly surprised when he really passed his Kindle to me the next day. Like, dude, I thought he’d have forgotten all about it, but well, he says he didn’t want it back anymore, so here I am, a bemused owner of a Kindle Paperwhite.

And now it’s high time I went to bed otherwise I’ll just be a zombie tomorrow.


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