on mergers

My department recently got absorbed by a bigger department, like some sort of office anglerfish sort of thing, except idk, did we get anything out of this merger except more work?

Well yeah, my workspace got a ton smaller because of the lack of space in the new floor, I now have three bosses to answer to instead of just one, and I have more work to do now that one co-worker has been relocated to another subdivision and my other fellow temp has left.

On the good side, I have been extended for a reaaaally long period of time, okay, not really, it’s just 1 year, but at least for this upcoming year, I won’t have to worry about making ends meet, and I get to buy ludicrous space consuming things. Also, the new big boss promised to shift me over to their communications team once the project I’m working on has been stabilized.

Fingers crossed it’s not a dud or a waste of time.


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