get out

… It feels like every time I want to sit down properly and do something productive, I’m interrupted by all the minor things, and maybe subconsciously, I’m tired. Tired of putting thoughts into words, tired of reading or watching anything discussing heavier topics. Hence the unplanned hiatus because I actually drafted posts in my head but never got around to jotting things down physically or even electronically.

My life is now fixed around the routine of: wake up -> go to work -> return home -> stare at my computer screen and waste time on random things -> go to bed. Repeat ad nauseam.

Instead of just running through endless pages of online window shopping, scrolling through reddit posts of cat pictures and rewatching let plays because they’re so… easy and non-energy expending, how can I feel excited about things and the on-goings in my life?

It feels like I’ve reached this invisible barrier called ‘burnout’ without knowledge of how I got to this point exactly.


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