Things I Love Thursday

A relatively longer list than last week~

It was pretty nice to take a break from listening to bands like Dragonforce and Nightwish, with their heavier songs and just chill out with Rufus Wainwright. He had quite the sense of humour, and idk, I just really liked his style of singing, like he’s drawling all his words out, and not enunciating his words properly. He showed us a little of his newest (?) work, Lucy’s Blue, in which he messed up a couple of times on the piano parts but managed to smooth it over with self-deprecating humour. Personally, I find that a little… meh, like, why would you present something you’re not confident of playing perfectly, but on the other hand, I’m glad he shared it, because it’s really a lovely song.

 To use up the department funds before the merger, and as a sort of ‘farewell/final team bonding session’ with the department. we had a department outing, where we had lunch at Buffet Town and games at Xcape. The food was alright, I guess, but I found the game at Xcape more interesting. We didn’t managed to escape within the given time… but I enjoyed myself quite a fair bit, even when I got frustrated at people who don’t take instructions well. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back and trying to solve the puzzles myself.

Also, it’s a little sad to know that I won’t be seeing the other two teams anymore… idk, they seem like pretty fun people. The people on the other side of the merger though…

I was supposed to be clothes shopping but I got sidetracked at Sephora, and I ended up buying stuff.
 High Beam is awesome, I think the blush might be useful, but Benetint doesn’t work at all for me, as it’s too sheer and doesn’t really show up, and I’m not a fan of lip gloss. But still, damn, I foresee myself using High Beam a lot.

Along with spending money on things I don’t really need, I also got a hair cut and the hair stylist was friendly! In the sense that she actually talked to me! Which is like super rare, normally my hair cuts take place in complete silence, (not complete silence entirely because there’s always music and other sounds in a hair salon), but yeah, hair stylists never talk to me.

 Cry has finally finished his Call of Cthulhu playthrough! :D Which means he’s one step closer to getting back to playing Deadly Premonition~ (I am optimistic that he will continue the game.)

 #sixseasonsandamovie Yeah, Community is back with the sixth season~ and okay, I’m not really blown away by the first episode (I haven’t got around to the second episode yet) and idk, it’s a little weird that Yahoo is now airing it… because it’s Yahoo, but eh, one more show to catch isn’t really a hardship.

But the best thing? I have a long weekend coming up! Because I’m clearing leave, but yeah, Friday to Monday, bitches.


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