fear not a twisted future

Is it still called gossiping behind someone’s back when we are exchanging true stories about the person? I mean, isn’t it just sharing information or consolidating our knowledge so we can get a better picture of that individual, and if it all happens to be negative information, isn’t that just the individual’s fault for displaying all his bad traits? But yeah, bitching about someone can be a way of bonding with other people who feel the same way, though it is kind of sad that someone is so universally disliked among his peers.

It’s also kind of gratifying to know that my big boss apparently was quite impressed with me during my interview, and I was one of the first candidates to be selected. I mean, I don’t know what it was that I said that impressed him, maybe he liked that I learned how to tinker with HTML and CSS for fun… (but that’s because I used to blog on Blogspot and everyone then tweaked their own templates to add weird shit)

Aaaand as for extension of my contract, I have no fucking clue how to wind will blow now, so yeah, that sucks.


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