Things I Love Thursday

Hello super short post, so short there’s only 4 items on this agenda.

01. B1 is leaving work earlier and we threw a farewell lunch with him. It’s probably kind of mean to actually celebrate the fact that he’s leaving (instead of wishing him well in future endeavours), but he has been grating on my nerves since forever. He’s basically the co-worker from hell, and yes, I’m a terrible prick because I act all okay and ‘friendly-ish’ towards his face but behind his back I’m gnashing my teeth and wanting never to speak to him in any situation.

02. After spending a lot of time on Persona Q and Persona 4, I have moved on to two more Ace Attorney series.

First up, the second installment in the Ace Attorney series, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. The cases are progressively getting harder, especially with the introduction of Psyche-locks and health-bars outside of the courtroom. It’s still ridiculously fun, what with the snarky asides and all the facepalming that Phoenix seems to do in his trials.

And while I’m not done with the second series (I’m at the last case, actually), I’ve also embarked on the fourth game in the series, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, which features a completely different main character. Named Apollo Justice, if you’re not paying attention. While Phoenix Wright’s name is meaningful enough – Phoenix = rising from the ashes and renewal and Wright = pun on ‘right’, Apollo’s name goes even further with the meanings. Apollo = sun god who was also known for being the god of justice, and justice = duh, it speaks for itself.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney also introduces a whole host of characters and recurring ones, including extremely snarky and badass Phoenix (which we don’t exactly get to see when we’re playing him), as well as Klavier Gavin, Apollo’s extremely flirty and suave rival :D


I am what, more than half a year late to the party? Yeah, but this may be my favourite Dragonforce album, hands down. This is what I’ve been playing on repeat at work, and it just gets my blood pumping and adrenaline running. Favourite tracks include: Symphony of the Night and Three Hammers. Yeah, the lyrics can be kind of corny at times, but I love the music, they’re catchy and very my-kind-of-thing.


I’m not fond of lip balms most of the time, because I usually end up licking them off and they always taste weird. But I see the importance of lip balms, especially when my lips get super dry at the office and bleeding lips are gross. So yeah, lip balms are awesomesauce and I really need to remember to use them more often.


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