adrift in the sea of sharks

While it is awesome that my coworker is back from his month long medical leave, it means that I have been displaced. Prior to his return, I have been made by my boss to occupy his seat, right beside her, for ease of communication and for her to keep an eye on us.

My old seat, before this whole fiasco of moving over because he was away, is half an office away from the rest of them. Here’s an incredibly simplified picture to illustrate:

And here’s the kicker, she refuses to let me move back to my super spacious desk over at the other side, and instead, she proposes that I share the table with my coworker and her. *ALL OF THE FACEPALM*. The good thing is that she’s being away on leave the past few days since my coworker came back, so I sat at her table instead. And the first day she was back, I had to occupy B1’s table because he was on mc that day. Do you know how I feel, lugging around my laptop and the necessary wires, and my poor cup? Yeah, I know, hotdesking is a thing in a lot of offices now, but fuck, I’m the only one who has to move around here and there like some homeless vagrant. Other people have been commenting on my ever-shifting address and I can’t even give customers an office line to contact me with because chances are, I’m going to be moving tables again.

And the other day, I had to squeeze between her and my coworker, because everyone was in on that day, and goddamn, it was freaking uncomfortable. Because look, while my coworker is skinny like a pole, he’s tall with long limbs, and I’m not (skinny, that is) and I fidget a lot.

And yes, call me territorial, but is it too much to wish for a desk to call my own, where I can put my cup and tumbler down so I can brew a proper cup of tea, complete with tea leaves and strainer? Because I’ve been forced to leave my tea stuff over at my old table and all I have is cheapo tea bags from the office pantry. Hell, there isn’t any space for my biscuits either, or any place to put my bag.


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