Things I Love Thursday

More backdated posts because procrastination and real life took longer than I expected.

First up, the Lunar New Year break this year means I have a 4 day break, inclusive of the weekend. Hurrah~ Any event or occasion that gives me as much time away from way should be praised. Gods, I don’t even really care much about the money aspect, I just want to sleep in and laze around without thinking about the ungodly amount of work piling up /;_;/ But yeah, insert obligatory comment about how the holidays are all about the family and being together and bonding.

And guys, if you haven’t watched Last Week Tonight already, John Oliver does a hilarious French accent in the latest episode and it had me in stitches.


And along the lines of entertainment, I only just stumbled upon Markiplier’s Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly playthrough and I’m really hoping he’ll finish this series. Cry never did finish his Fatal Frame run, so I had to resort to another Let’s Player, which did not have the same kick as Cry’s.

And after a horror game, why not chill out with some cutesy domestic cooking videos using tiny versions of everything~ Kyaa, so cute~ And so Japanese, hahahaha.


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