write a lyric for the song only you can understand

So hey, I learned a couple of new words today. For instance, Élan means ‘dash; impetuous ardor’, which makes sense, because this song seems to be all about living life to the fullest and making the most out of everything no matter how old you might be:

Riding hard every shooting star Come to life, open mind, have a laugh at the orthodox Come, drink deep let the dam of mind seep Travel with great élan, dance a jig at the funeral

But ‘sedulous mice’? Tuomas, are you high? On a more serious note, Élan… is beautiful, especially the introduction. I love the interaction between the pipes and the piano. I bet this would be a lovely instrumental version and I hope I’ll be able to get the version with 2 cds. I know everyone’s probably hoping to hear more of Floor’s powerful vocals, but I thought she managed to show her versatility here, that she’s not just good at blasting notes and rocking out; she’s good at being lyrically expressive and even then her voice is still strong and well supported. On a more bimbo note, can I just say how magnificent Floor is? Floor is like a gorgeous Amazonian, don’t get me wrong, Annette and Tarja are really beautiful too. Annette has more of the impish look, whereas Tarja is a goddess. *cough* I mean, her looks are more sculptured, kind of more distant-ish at times. But yeah, I really love the lounge singer look that Floor was sporting in this video. Although the video is kind of… cringey. Idk, pyrotechnics in the middle of a railway track looking place? And the guitarist in the middle of an empty pool? Why?? To be honest, this won’t be my favourite song from the album. The chorus is catchy, the melody is very pretty and the instruments are on-point, but this song is super safe. There’s no… unique twist to it or anything. Still, I’m really stoked for Endless Forms Most Beautiful. I especially want to know how the last track The Greatest Show on Earth will sound like, because holy shit, it has a length of 24 minutes. That’s like Art of Life epic. It’s also twice as long as the longest song they currently have. So yeah, March, I’m looking forward to you, and it’s won’t be only because it’ll be the end of my work contract.


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