Things I Love Thursday

 It’s Thursday once again, so you know what time it is~

My latest obsession after the Pokemon series and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call – Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth~
 The art is adorable~! The gameplay, so far, is fascinating, though it can be quite repetitive.

Anyway, Persona Q (PQ) is a fan game, in the sense that if you ever wondered what it would be like if the characters from Persona 3 and 4 met up and how they could possibly interact and work with each other, well, wonder no more because you can play it for real. I also found the dungeon crawling aspect to be quite interesting, considering how it’s Etrian Odyssey using PQ characters. The story line is pretty intriguing – you and your friends are transported to another world and you need to find a way to get back home. And along the way, you stumble upon two individuals who have lost their memories and you decide that you’ll help them get back too. I like the fact that there is an actual story line to follow through and the dialogue/cut scenes in the game are really cute and funny :D

I think I can easily sink over 50+ hours in this game, considering how long I’ve been playing it, and my progress is still kind of slow, since I want to get a 100% completion rate for everything.

I… also feel like getting a PS Vita just to play Persona 3 and 4 =.= not that I should buy a new console just to play some games… I’m supposed to be saving money, not buying unnecessary things.

Some real life stuff:
 – Hung out with my old fellow temps last week! :DDD Timbre @ The Arts House is like our go-to place now, since we’ve hung out there together so many times already. It was awesome~ talking crap about mundane events in our lives, judging old men who perv on young women, giggling over the most random things and failing math together~

– My co-worker is coming back next week! Best week of the month so far, because I’m going out of my mind with work these days, basically it feels like I’m drowning and he’s my lifeboat. Not that we don’t pester him constantly over Whatsapp already, but it’s so good to know that someone dependable is going to be around for the entire workday.

– Went on a little Sephora spree with the clique people~ I didn’t really buy anything because my Life’s Entropy order just came in a week or so ago, and I just bought stuff from Limnit Lipsticks and I really don’t need more make up because I’m always too lazy to put anything on my face in the mornings. Like, I need that extra 20 minutes of sleep, and I’m always running late already. And also, dark purple lipstick? Not entirely work appropriate. But still, I got teal lipstick and it’s making its way over here and I’m gonna rock that teal shade so hard. In my own house. The real purpose of the trip was to help someone start their own make up collection, and damn, it’s fun recommending stuff to people.

– Nightwish’s new single is coming out tomorrow! :D Enough said, it’s going to be epic! Also, tomorrow is our company’s Eat with your Family Day, which means I can go back an hour earlier! Fuck yes, people.

In other news, Last Week Tonight is back and yup, definitely more of the same stuff going on there, John Oliver delivers.

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting things like what I watch on Youtube on a mundane basis, but hey, Jack is nearly at 100! Respect for sticking to things for so long.

And now, I’m gonna go faceplant into my bed and try not to groan at the thought of waking up at 6:30 tomorrow.


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