the cat is away

So the terrible boss from the depths of hell (yeah, I exaggerate, she could be way worse, but at the moment, she’s the suckiest boss I’ve ever had.) is away on leave for 2 weeks~ :D Ah, life is good. It could have been better, as she wanted to take an entire month off but the bigger bosses wouldn’t let her because even though she’s not really doing any work, they still need her to be around, doing her job.

At least her being away for this two weeks would be a breather for some of us. I actually get on pretty okay with her when I’m sitting next to her and I think I know how to handle her. Basically, she’s an auntie. One of those nosy, kiasu aunties who thinks she’s right and you’re wrong just because of your position and age, and when she wants something done, she wants it done her way and immediately.

I’m good at the whole ‘nod and make agree-ing noises’ because that’s what you do around aunties, and that’s how I handle my own mother when she annoys the shit out of me and I can’t argue with her, so I just pretend to agree and then do whatever I want after that. It’s just one of them Slytherin things.

Unfortunately, B2 didn’t manage to maintain his cool and he had a slight disagreement with the boss and well, I’m the last man standing among the three of us. But granted, I do see where he’s coming from, especially since he’s really fighting against time and the boss keeps asking him to do useless inane things that she could have done by herself and she messed up on some stuff that basically added more work to his plate, in which he has to juggle between her and another boss. So yeah, I guess he had a meltdown coming up, but I don’t think venting your anger out on your boss is the right method. I guess B1 and B2 just don’t do what I do, rant and swear on Twitter, ahaha. Seriously, for as long as I’m working here, my Twitter will have to be locked just in case someone stumbles on it or something.


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