in a robot world

If I have extra money and/or Steam is having a sale any time soon, this is what I’m going to pick up – Jazzpunk.

The game is centered around a top-secret espionage agency operating out of an abandoned subway station in late 1950’s Japan.[2][1] The player takes the role of Polyblank, a silent protagonist. The game begins when Polyblank is mailed to the espionage agency in a human-shaped suitcase. He is then given several missions by the head of the organization, all of which begin by ingesting a dose of prescription medicine.[2][3] The missions assigned to Polyblank are almost always bizarre and nonsensical, relying heavily on free association and references to older movies and video games. Tasks include degaussing and smuggling pigeons, assassinating cowboys, cross-dressing, killing a pig with a six-string guitar, and photocopying Polyblank’s bottom to fool a security scanner.

The graphics are highly stylistic, and I like the use of bright colours, which is such a change from all the horror video games I’ve been watching on Youtube.

I’m also vaguely reminded of Thirty Flights of Loving, which I remember Cry playing a couple of years back. It has that same vibe, in my opinion, with the stylized aesthetics.

And also a little of Monaco:


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