Things I Love Thursday

Stay tuned for a backlog of post because work has been crazy and will be crazy until I drop dead of frustration. In happier news, here are a list of things that made things less crappy.

Popcorn Time! This is like Netflix, except free. Idk, do people pay for Netflix? Also, Popcorn Time works like a bittorrent client except you’re not downloading the show, you’re just streaming it, which is good if you don’t want to download a whole bunch of shows and then let it just rot metaphorically in your hard disk.

It’s still in beta mode, and the search function isn’t too great at the moment, also my internet connection isn’t always the most reliable thing, but it’s pretty cool, especially with all the films/tv series just sitting right there, you really get to check out new stuff/things you don’t even know you wanted to watch.

Which leads me to this:

Currently on its second season, Orphan Black looks pretty interesting, at least plot-wise, and hopefully I’ll be free enough to watch it sometime soon. Either free enough or just in the right mood. Idk, I’m rarely in the right mood for a lot of things these days.

 Also, Archer is back with season 6 (and a season 7 in the wings)~ Lana had her kid, Mallory being genuinely distraught that everything is the same, Archer being incompetently competent :D

We had a staff conference event earlier, so free lunches and sleep-inducing talks and getting off work earlier and then shopping. Ah, if only work was 2 hours of actual work, 2 hours of schmoozing, 2 hours of lunch break, everything would be much better.

And the results of hauling:

When my friends are buying hipster magazines like Kinfolk, or idk, Monocle, I get magazines that I can’t even read because they’re in Japanese and I only understand kanji like 70% of the time and nothing else, but look, it’s Gintoki and the two characters from Hakuouki~ <3

And also, small items that make me very broke.

– Serge Lutens’ La Fille de Berlin is finally finally back in stock, so obviously I have to pick it up because the universe has totally sent me a sign and I must oblige.

Lush’s Eau Roma toner is my holy grail; I’m on my 5th bottle already, can you believe it? This is the longest I’ve stuck with one product. My Korres White Tea fluid gel cleanser is a close second, since I’m going on to my 3rd bottle soon.

– I also picked up a small tub of Lush’s Helping Hands lotion since it feels as though my skin has gotten drier, especially since I hang out in air-conditioned places all the time and I probably overwash my hands from time to time.

 Back in my second year of university, I was addicted to a cute little game called Glitch, but it shut down not too long later, and now it’s back, in all its adorable cuteness! :D

 Lastly, I don’t really listen to a lot of Chinese pop, but man, I’d listen to everything the lead singer (青峰) of 蘇打綠 (sodagreen) sings because I like his voice, like a freaking lot.


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