Things I Love Thursday

tShort post ahoy because of too much angst at work, too little free time, too many weird crap going on in my mind.

 Second big boss treated the group of us to Starbucks~ the reason for her generosity? Probably because it’s 1 for 1, and man, work has been pretty crap for everyone (except B1 *rolls eyes*). But still, the second big boss doesn’t mind treating us to things here and there, like we went to eat out a few times and she footed the bill and wouldn’t let us pay her back. (well, she is earning a lot more than we do, but that doesn’t mean she has to treat us all the time, but still, it brings up group morale.)

 I tried the new raspberry truffle mocha drink, but D: too sweet. Waaaaay too sweet. But eh, it was free and I wanted to try the new concoctions anyway. I have a thing for trying out new drinks.

Cry is playing Silent Hill 2. :DDDD Please excuse the fangirl but I’ve always wanted to check out the Silent Hill series, except you know it’s a creepy horror game and I am a total wimp when it comes to scary stuff so, obviously I wasn’t going to play it and no other Let Play Youtuber I watch had/are playing it, so yes, Cry playing it means hearts in my eyes, especially because I really enjoy Cry’s brand of commentary. Like, I watch Markiplier, and he’s funny and goofy but it’s just not exactly the thing I want? And Pewds, even though I think he’s a really cool dude and stuff, I’m not sure I really care for his content much these days because idk, it doesn’t feel like he sticks with a game enough, it’s so touch and go most of the time.

So yes, happy fangirl in the house and I think I might find the time to watch Cry’s other playthroughs, since I haven’t been keeping up for quite some time because my interest kind of faded, but now it’s resparked~

Okay, I shop a lot with indie sellers and most of the time, I don’t really have issues with them. There are some bad apples out there:

(Awkward Segue Time: for instance, I had bad brushes with Victorian Disco Cosmetics back in 2012 and High Voltage Cosmetics in 2011 where I had to hound them for my packages and even then they didn’t turn up and my requests for refunds was merely forgotten promises covered up excuses. Me, hold a grudge? Not really, I can’t really be bothered to chase after them for the money, after all they were small purchases but I was pissed and they ended up in my ‘never buy from again’ list.)

But generally, I had mostly pleasant and even wonderful experiences with indie brands. And cue Life’s Entropy, where I was even more impressed with the seller, Jane, because she made contact with me first when she realised that my tracking number wasn’t updating and it probably meant that my order was lost in the mail (Thanks, Obama, I kid, I kid, you’re a cool guy.). I was going to send her the typical apologetic email inquiring about my order after one month, but she emailed me first and offered to refund me or replace my order and on top of that, she threw in a 20% off promo code. That’s awesomesauce customer service for you, right there :D

 Hung out with the Shauns the other day where they brought me to try a new Japanese restaurant. Yes, Japanese food is a weakness, sashimi is akin to you aiming an arrow at Achilles’ heel. (my analogies make no sense, but that’s okay.) The service was apparently not as good as it used to be, but I thought it was still acceptable, but yay~ the food was pretty decent and even though it’s kind of on the pricey side, it’s good to indulge once in a while :D But it is really quite out of the way for me (and them too, I suspect.) But that’s okay, Singaporeans are known to travel just to eat. And here I am, trying to lose weight =.= That’s a futile goal…

Sorry if I haven’t been around lately and stuff because Pokemon is eating my life. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but I think I’ve put in over 70+ hours in those two Pokemon games because yes, now that I’m mostly done with the storyline, I’m trying to catch them all. Which is obviously a foolish goal, so very foolish. But that’s me doing my thing, wishing that being a Pokemon Trainer was an actual career goal because do you know how much money I have in the Pokemon universe just by defeating small kids!?

And lastly, I shall end this with an old Edenbridge song that I re-stumbled upon. I remembered liking Edenbridge back in 2005-ish? When I first got into symphonic metal and there was just so many bands to try out and somehow they never made the cut, haha. But yes, I was looking for some Xandria songs and ta-da, Edenbridge popped up, and hey, nostalgia moment.


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