I’m your zero

You know how your inbox will have that bracket with the number of unread mail tacked on? Like Inbox (1501)? or even just Inbox (1)? Or the tiny counter in your Google Hangouts or Whatsapp icons on your phone? I get really really irked when there are just unread mail or messages, to the extent that I get really frustrated when too many emails come in at one shot before I can completely deal with the first wave.

It’s extremely annoying to me when I step into work, turn on my laptop and start up Outlook and ta-da 50 new emails. ARGH. And while I’m in the midst of replying to these emails and doing the things that needed to be done because of these emails requesting for action, a whole bunch will come in and it becomes a never ending mountain of emails unread. SO ANNOYING.

And there are some people who will keep on emailing you over the most trivial of things and you have to be polite and formal (maybe you don’t really have to be overly formal, but I tend towards being impersonal and formal in my work emails because I want to sound professional and stuff.)

Anything that bugs me is the fact that so many different people have access to the generic mailboxes and sometimes you haven’t gotten around to reading a particular email, yet someone has already read it, and thus you lose the ‘unread’ status and you move on, thinking it’s an old email, and it turns out it is not? FUCKING HELL. I’d totally rip the person (B1) a new one, but fuck, I don’t really want to talk to him anymore than it is necessary because he really gets on my nerves.

People, this is the first Capricorn person that I cannot get along with. I mean, sure we can talk about work related stuff, but most of the time, if it’s possible to cut the conversation short, I’ll do so. He irritates me too much. Argh, and also, I wish they’ll give him actual things to do, because fuck it, we are all earning relatively the same amount of money, (though I suspect he might be earning more because he has more work experience technically, and I know for a fact that I get more than B2) and it’s unfair that he does basically nothing important or actually useful while we’re swamped with work. (B2 drew the short straw – he’s been OT-ing without pay since the start of the month because his workload is insane now that they stop giving B1 any actual work and that’s bloody unfair.)


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