Distress/Destress | a mixtape for the work angst

Work angst = wangst? Not really, since wangst is more of whiny + angst, so… maybe work angst is a subset?

Work driving you up the wall? Torn between wanting to murder your coworkers and wanting to hide away in the toilet for the next 5 hours? Yeah, we’ve been there, so c’mon, get yourself a glass of sweet oblivion, by which I mean anything that will make your liver cry and make you regret all decisions you’ve ever made since you were born, and chill a little before the whole cycle starts again.

01. x japan – art of life (piano cover)
(I believe in the madness called “now” / time goes flowing, breaking my heart)

02.`ace attorney soundtrack – pursuit (acapella)

03. imagine dragons – warriors (piano cover)
(in youth you’d lay / awake at night and scheme)

04. mono – follow the map

05. amethystium – lhasa

06. agnes obel – riverside (piano cover)
(swim with the current and float away / down by the river everyday)

07. the smashing pumpkins – mellon collie and the infinite sadness


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