Team On My Own

Some people were talking about the pros and cons of practising alone or in a coven, and because I was a silent lurker, obviously I didn’t bother to comment. But given that I have only always been researching and trying things out on my own, I thought I could kind of talk about it a little.

 For me, I never thought about joining a group of people to practise my path. I used to identify myself as Wiccan, and sure, I did think that it would be nice to join a group of like-minded people and form a coven and have a structured hierarchy and order in my spiritual practice. After all, the energy that you can raise in a group ritual would be so much stronger and I think having a structure would really help with developing one’s spiritual growth because you will have more guidance than flailing around on your own. But that would mean that you have to find the right group of people to work with – you’d need to work with people with similar goals and spiritual wants, and really, that’s quite hard to find here, or maybe I didn’t really put in much effort into meeting people and things. Plus, we all walk different paths, even if we do share the umbrella term of ‘Wiccan’, or even ‘Pagan’, so I’d think it might be hard for each person to work with the specific deity of their choice. Or maybe if you’re in a coven, you only work with those specific deities while you work with others in your own time? Idk. And let’s not even go into those people who’d try to one-up each other, and pressurize other members with their sparkly spirituality. Seriously, it’s kind of a thing, especially with a religion that is so mired in UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis.

 I’m on Team Solo because I think with my eclectic interests in various disciplines and my perchance for switching things around, I doubt I will be able to do well in a structured setting, where the pace and the syllabus of learning is set by someone else. Of course, having order would ensure that I can become more focused, and slack off less, but still, it’d be an insincere sort of learning, and that’s not what religion of any sort is about. I also like the fact that I don’t have to adhere to any strict path and can decide that today I’m going to be doing chaos magic and tomorrow I will dabble with herbs and other hedgewitchery things, and no one can force me to stick to one path. Which leads to the fact that I like making up my own rituals. Sure, I’m not great at them and my rituals are often overly simplistic, but it is enjoyable to write a ritual and then perform it.

But of course, everything is my own opinion, from what I’ve gathered online mostly, when I lurk in forums and dark shadowy places. *cough*


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