Me, Overly invested?

I can’t help it, once I give a character a name, I end up creating an entire backstory and personality for the character, even if it’s a silent protagonist in Pokemon, of all things. Don’t judge me, I’m a crazy twenty-something with really weird shit in my head =.=

And hey, obviously, I’m supposed to do this because lookie here~

A player character in the world of Pokémon is the protagonist of the games. Remarkably silent, player characters are the avatar of the player; it is left up to the latter to “fill in” what they imagine the character is feeling, thinking and acting, thus immersing the player within the world of the game. (source)

Pokemon X – Kaoru (薫)
If I’m not wrong, the default name for the hero and heroine of Pokemon X & Y is Calem and Serena respectively, with both names meaning ‘calm and serene’.

The name Kaoru, means ‘fragrance’ in Japanese, felt fitting to me, when I saw the character artwork. I saw him as some sort of a bemused teenager, thrust into the whole excitement of being a Pokemon trainer, which you know, he kind of grew up with, considering his mom is a Rhyhorn racer.

Definitely leaning towards the quiet aloof loner type, though he’s not cold or mean. He just wants to do his own thing, like catching Pokemon, hanging out with his Delphox, and not constantly hounded by his rival Serena for battles. Seriously, woman, you’re not going to beat Kaoru, just face up to it already. He doesn’t get her competitive streak, but then again, he doesn’t really get his other friends as well. Shauna is way too bubbly for him to understand, and

Despite his dislike for making a fuss about things, he has a strong sense of morality and will stand up for justice, even if he does it quietly without dragging a bunch of people in or bragging about it later on. He prefers to keep things close.

Also tends to be really honest, to the point that he doesn’t even tell white lies, because he doesn’t see the point, but that’s not to say that he is blunt and overly forthright, because he has tact. He just doesn’t like to pretend to be something that he’s not or say something he doesn’t agree with.

Veers towards gentleness, in the sense that he is not exactly fond of fighting, and if possible, he would choose to defeat his opponent with just one hit, so as to minimize the pain for them. He has an affinity for fire types, probably because he’s so lacking in fire himself. I see him as an earth+water mix, the steady dependable kind with a sensitive soul.

Then we have Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, which I’m still not even midway into, because of reasons like Phoenix Wright. But I think I have a grasp of my character so far, like how I’m moulding him in a certain way.

 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – Sora (空)

The original character name was Brendan, derived from a Welsh word, meaning ‘prince’. He didn’t seem like a ‘prince’ to me, so obviously I had to change it. Yet another Japanese name, because I’m so creative, Sora means ‘sky’, and I think he looks very laidback and carefree, like a bird soaring freely.

I see him as the relaxed type, the kind that forgives and forgets easily and doesn’t bear grudges nor does he care too much about winning. He just wants to have a good time with his friends. Definitely more friendly and outgoing as compared to Kaoru, he has his heart in the right place, even though he can be quicker to flare up and louder in his frankness.

He adores his parents – his mother is extremely supportive of him and he appreciates that, while he looks up to his father, who is the leader of Petalburg Gym. (And look! Here’s a rare ‘dad’ character in the Pokemon series! Normally you only have a ‘mom’, and no explanation where on earth is your ‘dad’.)

As for his rivals – he likes them well enough, he knows that they are good people, but seriously, what’s their obsession with battling him? Can’t they find enough people to battle with them on the roads already? He thinks that May is extremely helpful and he likes looking out for Wally, because he sympathises with him for being sickly and quiet. Given that he’s less ‘quiet’ or rather, I see him as more cheerful, he wants to help Wally get stronger and become more independent.

So yeah, snippets of my head canon, snippets because I haven’t fully drafted their entire backgrounds and also their post-game lives. But I like to think that my protagonists are good kids, even though they think that the world is kind of fucked, if they’re depending on one teenaged boy and his team of six random Pokemon to save the day, with occasional help from his friends here and there. Also, making money is damn easy in the Pokemon world, just like swiping money from second graders with lame bug Pokemon.


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