Things I Love Thursday

Work has been pretty hectic, since the competent coworker is now on hospitalisation leave and won’t be back till next month and we have to cover his duties *sobs* And because B1 is fucking useless at work, I’m covering his share of responsibilities as well, which is goddamn unfair because why the hell do I have to be penalised for being efficient!?

Anyway. Putting aside my resentments, let’s move on! Today’s list is pretty video-heavy…

I was just updating my Twitter profile and pruning the list of people I follow when I came across Ayasa, a pretty badass violinist :D

I like the wide variety of songs she/the group has selected and I thought the medley was arranged quite well.

 The Big Fat Quiz of the Year~ with Richard and David! :D Like, omg, two of my favourite comedians and Sarah Millican and Kevin Bridges who are pretty ace people in my book as well. It’s hilarious and also exposes how little I actually know with regards to world news. Yup.

Maybe it’s because I got paid the other day, so I got a little reckless and spent money on unnecessary items like this:

Yes, I have a thing for the gothic lolita fashion, it comes with being a visual kei fan, I think… I mean, you have lots of guys dressing up in aristocratic outfits, like 18th century gowns, and excessive eye makeup… you can’t help but get drawn into the fashion, as well as the music… right? :D But still, everything is in Japanese and I still can’t read anything other than kanji very well… >.>

And because I was delving into some of my old posts on my previous blogspot site, I stumbled upon an old puzzle game that I used to enjoy and still do, even though I’m so goddamn stupid it takes me like forever to complete the puzzles.

It’s really old, considering that my last post on that blog was around 2007/2008. But the site and the games are still up there! Plus there are more puzzles than I recall, and pretty recent blogposts from the creator.

My first introduction to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was actually quite a while back, when I still had a functioning flash cart for my DS lite. But it died and I kind of didn’t finish the game, namely the last trial, so obviously when I saw that there was a digital version for sale in the Nintendo eShop, I jumped and bought it and I regretted nothing. In fact, I think I enjoy it more, now that I understand more of Wright’s snarkiness and I can appreciate Edgeworth’s cold attitude. And I flounder less, haha. I remember getting lots of penalties for presenting evidence at the wrong moments or just making careless mistakes.

I thought the stories were pretty interesting, I like that there was some character development, and the soundtrack simply gets you all pumped up for some investigating and some objection-ing plus take that-ing etc. :D

And that’s it for this boring week where work is basically my homeboy.


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