‘well done’, bro.

Like I stated before, I’m not fond of authority figures – as long as they have some sort of higher authority over me, I’m going to view them as the ‘establishment’ and seek to be as far away from them as possible. (What, is this a inherently guilty mindset? Like I’m afraid I’m going to be accused of some wrongdoing? I don’t know actually, I just don’t trust people in power.)

But even as I’m guarded against these people, I’m never outright rude or openly uncooperative. Why, I’m a Slytherin, I don’t ram my head against obstacles like some crazed bull, I maneuver my way around the obstacle and exploit loopholes. After all, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

Let’s just say that some people have no sense of self-preservation and will openly argue with their boss even though they’re the lowest on the totem pole. And the worse part is that they’re in the wrong. Also, fuck people who act all self-righteous even though they have no sense of camaraderie or loyalty. If you are with people of the same position, you don’t backstab them and go straight to the higher-ups and sell out your own people. You just fucking don’t. (I’m assuming that the person who did something wrong isn’t guilty of a major crime, just the typical mistakes at work.) You tell the person where they are wrong, let them rectify it and you don’t create a fuss so big that the boss has to call a meeting. Fuck that. You are officially on my shit list.

I don’t give a shit if you disrespect the boss and you have arguments with her because that’s just your own issue and all you’re hurting is yourself. But you don’t drag people down, okay? That’s like backstabbing your own herd and only the wolves will benefit from this sort of action.

Some people may know who I’m talking about, because I think I’ve bitched about him before, but this is basically the last straw for me. You can’t take criticism, your sense of humour is annoying and lame, you’re boring and you’re fucking slow in your work, and for fuck’s sake, it’s not like you’re doing the hardest things, and you don’t even do them correctly, and your attitude in work sucks balls.

Officially the shittiest coworker I’ve ever worked with. At least in my previous jobs, the bimbos were still okay, because they are only teenagers, fresh out of JC; slacking off and gossiping isn’t as bad even if they annoyed me. But I get it, I was 18 once and I probably irritated my fair share of people at that age as well.


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