Geographically Challenged

I’m terrible at directions, be it in a game or in real life.

For instance the map in Dragon Age 2 has saved me from too many wrong turns, plus it’s so handy to see where your enemies are at all times. So you can sneak up on them/avoid them entirely.

Can’t say the same for the one in Saints Row 2 unfortunately, because the map has gotten me lost and confused too many times. I think it’s just because I suck at reading maps. And idk, the Dragon Age one was easier to understand.

The thing about these two maps are that they are on the HUD in-game, so whenever I want to walk around, I can just glance up at the map and check if I’m headed in the right direction or not, but the most frustrating area for me to navigate around is definitely Pokemon X’s Lumiose City. There’s no map (or at least I’m too dumb to figure out the map) and there are so many places that look too alike and you don’t realise until you step into the wrong cafe, and see, oops, not the one I wanted.

This map is basically how I found the Pokemon Centre and the stupid goddamn Lysandre’s Cafe, which you need to get to because of plot reasons. And also there are just too many entrances and exits to different routes, that left me wasting too much time running from one end of the city to the other end and realising that heeey, I just made one full circle and came back to my original spot.


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