Elie Saab Le Parfums

Prolific perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, has his own luxury perfume house, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, where everything costs a little too much for me to justify buying an actual bottle, although I am extremely in love with Oud Silk Mood, it’s luxurious and wearing it is like enveloping yourself in a fur coat and strutting around on skyscraper heels confidently like some bigshot.

But of course, I can’t afford that price tag, and hence let me turn to something more within my budget means and yet also fantastic and so very gorgeous.
 Elie Saab’s Le Parfum (EdT) and L’Eau Couture are both by Kurkdjian, and despite the common note (orange blossom) shared between these two perfumes, he has managed to create two very different scents.

Le Parfum is sweet and effervescent – right from the start, I get a very strong dose of mandarin blossoms mixed with honey and the slightest touch of jasmine (or some other white floral?) lingering in the background. The orange blossoms start to creep in as the scent dries down and slowly the jasmine lose their sharpness, becoming a blend of sweet and syrupy molasses. This bright sweetness is anchored down by a base of woods – vetiver, maybe? Or patchouli? But overall, this perfume is warm and sweet, like the hug of a beloved friend.

The sillage for Le Parfum is also quite decent, one good spray is noticeable enough but not strong enough to knock someone out from across the room, and I’m pleased to say that this perfume is lasting on my perfume-eating skin. I can still smell the faintest hint of it on me while I’m showering after I get home from work, which means this perfume can clock in at least 9 to 10 hours of wear time.

Kurkdjian’s vision for Elie Saab’s Le Parfum was to create a perfume that would reflect ‘when the sun is almost gold or even white,’ and smells ‘as if gold was glowing so brightly it was almost white’, and I think he has done so brilliantly. Le Parfum is simple yet elegant, and wearable in almost all occasions and good in all kinds of weather.

On the other hand, if Le Parfum is a bright summer day, then L’Eau Couture would differ in the sense that the main idea here is to convey ‘a sophisticated, sensual freshness, far removed from the conventions found in fragrances usually created in this repertoire’. L’Eau Couture feels like a cool spring day to me, from the pale green box housing the similarly coloured juice.

Crisp green almond tones down the sweetness of the opening, created by the white floral (magnolia?) and orange blossoms, which is sweet but quieter than the original Le Parfum. There’s the orange blossoms note taking centre stage here as well, but this time, it’s more restrained, and also almost creamy, thanks to the vanilla/musk base.

The sillage for L’Eau Couture is lighter than the original, giving off this delicate, almost wispy feeling as it weaves in and out throughout the day. Just when you thought it has faded to nothingness on your skin, you turn your head just the slightest and you smell its trace once again. So yes, this does last up to 9 hours for me as well.

Effortlessly elegant and simple enough to be wearable for all situations, L’Eau Couture is not just one of them flankers that fashion houses churn out one after the other in their sleep, but this one is well designed and a delight to smell.

While these two perfumes are not ground-breaking or avant-garde in any sense, they’re well-designed and worth their price tags, and I can imagine people who are not crazy perfume lovers to pick this up and make this their signature scents because it’s just so easy to wear and adds a layer of sophistication to any outfit.


in a robot world

If I have extra money and/or Steam is having a sale any time soon, this is what I’m going to pick up – Jazzpunk.

The game is centered around a top-secret espionage agency operating out of an abandoned subway station in late 1950’s Japan.[2][1] The player takes the role of Polyblank, a silent protagonist. The game begins when Polyblank is mailed to the espionage agency in a human-shaped suitcase. He is then given several missions by the head of the organization, all of which begin by ingesting a dose of prescription medicine.[2][3] The missions assigned to Polyblank are almost always bizarre and nonsensical, relying heavily on free association and references to older movies and video games. Tasks include degaussing and smuggling pigeons, assassinating cowboys, cross-dressing, killing a pig with a six-string guitar, and photocopying Polyblank’s bottom to fool a security scanner.

The graphics are highly stylistic, and I like the use of bright colours, which is such a change from all the horror video games I’ve been watching on Youtube.

I’m also vaguely reminded of Thirty Flights of Loving, which I remember Cry playing a couple of years back. It has that same vibe, in my opinion, with the stylized aesthetics.

And also a little of Monaco:

Things I Love Thursday

Stay tuned for a backlog of post because work has been crazy and will be crazy until I drop dead of frustration. In happier news, here are a list of things that made things less crappy.

Popcorn Time! This is like Netflix, except free. Idk, do people pay for Netflix? Also, Popcorn Time works like a bittorrent client except you’re not downloading the show, you’re just streaming it, which is good if you don’t want to download a whole bunch of shows and then let it just rot metaphorically in your hard disk.

It’s still in beta mode, and the search function isn’t too great at the moment, also my internet connection isn’t always the most reliable thing, but it’s pretty cool, especially with all the films/tv series just sitting right there, you really get to check out new stuff/things you don’t even know you wanted to watch.

Which leads me to this:

Currently on its second season, Orphan Black looks pretty interesting, at least plot-wise, and hopefully I’ll be free enough to watch it sometime soon. Either free enough or just in the right mood. Idk, I’m rarely in the right mood for a lot of things these days.

 Also, Archer is back with season 6 (and a season 7 in the wings)~ Lana had her kid, Mallory being genuinely distraught that everything is the same, Archer being incompetently competent :D

We had a staff conference event earlier, so free lunches and sleep-inducing talks and getting off work earlier and then shopping. Ah, if only work was 2 hours of actual work, 2 hours of schmoozing, 2 hours of lunch break, everything would be much better.

And the results of hauling:

When my friends are buying hipster magazines like Kinfolk, or idk, Monocle, I get magazines that I can’t even read because they’re in Japanese and I only understand kanji like 70% of the time and nothing else, but look, it’s Gintoki and the two characters from Hakuouki~ <3

And also, small items that make me very broke.

– Serge Lutens’ La Fille de Berlin is finally finally back in stock, so obviously I have to pick it up because the universe has totally sent me a sign and I must oblige.

Lush’s Eau Roma toner is my holy grail; I’m on my 5th bottle already, can you believe it? This is the longest I’ve stuck with one product. My Korres White Tea fluid gel cleanser is a close second, since I’m going on to my 3rd bottle soon.

– I also picked up a small tub of Lush’s Helping Hands lotion since it feels as though my skin has gotten drier, especially since I hang out in air-conditioned places all the time and I probably overwash my hands from time to time.

 Back in my second year of university, I was addicted to a cute little game called Glitch, but it shut down not too long later, and now it’s back, in all its adorable cuteness! :D

 Lastly, I don’t really listen to a lot of Chinese pop, but man, I’d listen to everything the lead singer (青峰) of 蘇打綠 (sodagreen) sings because I like his voice, like a freaking lot.

Trigger Warning

Unfortunately, this post is not about Neil Gaiman’s new book, Trigger Warning, which I’m ambivalent about reading because I generally don’t like short stories, and not even Gaiman can make me like them. But today’s choice of annoyance is the notion of ‘being triggered’.

The idea of trigger warnings is a fairly good one, in my opinion. It gives people more information and informed consumers would be able to make better choices regarding the media that they consume. But the thing is, trigger warnings are not mandatory things – they’re not like the FDA mandated labels on your food, warning you that ‘hey, this product may contain nuts, so don’t fucking eat it if you’re allergic to it, numbskulls’. Instead, think of it as an act of courtesy from the creator of the product, who want the consumers to know what they are going to take in, through their mouths/eyes/ears etc. And also, just like the FDA, there’s the ESRB that assigns age and content ratings of entertainment products and enforces industry-adopted advertising guidelines.

The ESRB, while it has its flaws and criticisms, has been fairly successful:

although use of the ESRB ratings system is not enforced by federal law in North America, it is effectively a de facto standard because of the collective leverage of the board and the video game industry: major console manufacturers will not license games for their systems unless they carry ESRB ratings, most retail stores enforce ESRB ratings, and also do not carry any games which are not rated by the organization. Due to the level of consumer and retail awareness of the ratings system, along with the organization’s efforts to ensure that retailers comply with the ratings system and that publishers comply with its marketing code, the ESRB has considered its system to be effective, and was praised by the Federal Trade Commission for being the “strongest” self-regulatory organization in the entertainment sector.

Now, let’s go back to the notion of trigger warnings. In the context of a fanfiction, yes, I would agree that having trigger warnings would be good, because a piece of fanfiction is entirely new content and the writer may have added disturbing elements that were not originally present in the original work.

But if you’re referring to an already existing work, already rated and highly reviewed in many places, it is your own responsibility to do some freaking research about the topic if you think that you are unable to handle certain things. I’m a wimp, let me just put it out there, I am terrified of the horror genre, and I don’t go into a horror film or a video game without first reading the shit out of the wikipedia summary/reviews by other people to know where all the creepy parts are so that I am informed enough not to have to wear my brown pants when viewing the content. Sure, you may say that it takes the fun out of the work, since I know where all the jumpscares or plot twists are, but that’s okay, because I want to remain in control and not fearful and anticipatory. I’m not good with surprises, you know how the ‘flight or fight’ response works? Some people just remain rooted to the ground in shock, I think I fall into that category, and will eventually be eaten by a monster if I was a character in a horror film/game.

So yeah, Silent Hill 2, has been around for like what, 10 years or more? Surely, surely, to whoever who may have issues with certain topics, they can find enough information out there to know if they should be watching the content or not. It’s basically like not reading your food labels when you know you have a debilitating peanut allergy. Silent Hill 2 is rated M (Mature) by ESRB:

Expecting people to put trigger warnings on things, especially long established/published works, is like expecting someone to hold your hand when crossing the road. Understandable when you’re a small child but not done when you’re a freaking grown-up. No one is responsible for your mental health, you are responsible for your own health (mental or otherwise), you are responsible for doing your own research and finding out if something is going to give you bad nightmares, because you can’t censor the entire world. Other people’s perception of what constitutes as triggering is different from yours. And if you keep getting triggered by things? Maybe it’s really time to go see a psychologist and try to work through the trauma; you can’t recover and live a normal life if you’re constantly traumatized by certain things (gods, how do you read newspapers then?), and you can’t escape from bad things in the world, sorry, humans can be such douchebags, you know.

Blame It On Mercury Retrograde | a mixtape on nostalgia

“I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.”
― Virginia Woolf

01. MOKA – Lilium

02. Ali Project – Coppelia no Hitsugi

03. Ayumi Hamasaki – Dearest

04. Tamura Naomi – Yuzurenai Negai

05. Masako Hayashi – Mononoke Hime

06. Bôa – Duvet

07. The Seatbelts – See You Space Cowboy

the fault in our stars

Looking up at the stars, I know quite well
That, for all they care, I can go to hell

– W. H. Auden

Yes, I read my horoscopes regularly, and yes, I do take astrology quite seriously. Now that I have lost all credibility in your eyes as some sort of functioning adult, let me just posit this, why do you snort contemptuously when I say that I believe stars and planets have the ability to exert some sort of influence on us when you don’t all scoff at people who say that some bearded old guy in the sky is watching everyone, like Santa Claus on overtime?

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Alternative Uses

So, if you’re like me, with a huge perfume obsession and a tendency to collect things because throwing away useable things is such a waste, you’ll end up with a bunch of unloved samples. Some things just don’t mesh well with your body chemistry but they can still smell really awesome. (Some things just don’t smell good, hands down. BPAL’s Snow White, I’m looking at you.)

And what can you do with a bunch of unfinished perfumes? Especially if you don’t have people to trade with, or the cost of shipping them over to somewhere else is just too expensive to make it worth it? Well, here are some options.

01 Room Scent
Pretty duh, and you’ll end up using up the perfume really quickly. But that only works if your perfume comes with one of those spray tops. If not, you’ll have to decant it and add alcohol, which can be too troublesome in terms of time and effort. Because let’s face it, we’re all lazy folks here. Or at least I am.

Or if you don’t want to waste perfume by just spraying it in the room and letting the perfume just disappear with the wind, you can make it last longer by spraying your curtains instead, so that every time the wind blows, there will be a light scent diffusing through the room.

02 Reed Diffuser
So yeah, when the room spray idea is moot, why not go for the simple reed diffuser method? Instead of paying through the nose for some fancy schmancy reed diffuser, make your own, by just dumping the contents of your perfume into a pretty glass (you won’t need carrier oils if you’re using perfume oils since those usually come made with carrier oils already to make them skin safe. But if you’re using alcohol based perfumes, you should add in half a cup of jojoba oil or almond oil.)

Alternatively, you might not have reeds on hand, but if you have potpourri lying around, you can always just add your perfume to them, as I find that store bought potpourri’s scents are not really long lasting or strong enough to be smelt most of the time. (Or it’s just because I buy really cheapo potpourri, like Daiso cheap.)

03 Oil Burner
Or if you don’t want a perpetual room scent from a reed diffuser, why not consider getting an oil burner. You will place a tealight candle at the base, fill up to half of the container with water and add in a few drops of perfume oil.

04 Scented Locket
If your perfume is incompatible with your body chemistry, then instead of wearing it on your skin, go for a scented locket instead. Spray or dab perfume onto a small cotton ball, place it in the locket and you’ll be good to go.

05 Scented Laundry
If you use unscented liquid detergent, why not spice it up by adding a few drops of perfume when you’re pouring detergent into your load of laundry? It won’t be overly noticeable, but you will get a subtle scent on your freshly laundered clothes.

Or you could add a few drops of perfume into the water compartment of your iron, which will leave a faint but lovely scent on your clothes. Plus, I guess it will make ironing more enjoyable…

06 Dressing Candles
If your perfumes are oil based, then you can dress a candle by coating it with perfume oil, thus saving some money on scented candles which smell overly artifical most of the time.

07 Bath and Body Products
I don’t have a bath tub at home, but I think it’ll be simple enough to add some perfume into your bath water and then just soak in it. Or you can always add them to your unscented body lotions and mix it to get a scented product.

08 Hair Oil
I wouldn’t really recommend spraying alcohol based perfumes on your hair because it can be too drying, but oil based perfumes, especially those perfumes using jojoba or coconut oil as carrier oils would be good for keeping your ends smooth and smelling good. Of course, too much would make your hair look greasy as well, so use in moderation.

09 Franken Perfume Blends
Combine a couple of your unloved perfumes together and make a completely new blend. Best way to experiment without too much hassle as you already have all the ingredients on hand and you won’t be wasting precious resources if the blend doesn’t smell good.

The most amusing use of perfume is still this one, though I really wouldn’t recommend using something that you love, and I doubt it will work the same if it is a perfume oil, but perhaps it would help if you’re staining wood?

Things I Love Thursday

tShort post ahoy because of too much angst at work, too little free time, too many weird crap going on in my mind.

 Second big boss treated the group of us to Starbucks~ the reason for her generosity? Probably because it’s 1 for 1, and man, work has been pretty crap for everyone (except B1 *rolls eyes*). But still, the second big boss doesn’t mind treating us to things here and there, like we went to eat out a few times and she footed the bill and wouldn’t let us pay her back. (well, she is earning a lot more than we do, but that doesn’t mean she has to treat us all the time, but still, it brings up group morale.)

 I tried the new raspberry truffle mocha drink, but D: too sweet. Waaaaay too sweet. But eh, it was free and I wanted to try the new concoctions anyway. I have a thing for trying out new drinks.

Cry is playing Silent Hill 2. :DDDD Please excuse the fangirl but I’ve always wanted to check out the Silent Hill series, except you know it’s a creepy horror game and I am a total wimp when it comes to scary stuff so, obviously I wasn’t going to play it and no other Let Play Youtuber I watch had/are playing it, so yes, Cry playing it means hearts in my eyes, especially because I really enjoy Cry’s brand of commentary. Like, I watch Markiplier, and he’s funny and goofy but it’s just not exactly the thing I want? And Pewds, even though I think he’s a really cool dude and stuff, I’m not sure I really care for his content much these days because idk, it doesn’t feel like he sticks with a game enough, it’s so touch and go most of the time.

So yes, happy fangirl in the house and I think I might find the time to watch Cry’s other playthroughs, since I haven’t been keeping up for quite some time because my interest kind of faded, but now it’s resparked~

Okay, I shop a lot with indie sellers and most of the time, I don’t really have issues with them. There are some bad apples out there:

(Awkward Segue Time: for instance, I had bad brushes with Victorian Disco Cosmetics back in 2012 and High Voltage Cosmetics in 2011 where I had to hound them for my packages and even then they didn’t turn up and my requests for refunds was merely forgotten promises covered up excuses. Me, hold a grudge? Not really, I can’t really be bothered to chase after them for the money, after all they were small purchases but I was pissed and they ended up in my ‘never buy from again’ list.)

But generally, I had mostly pleasant and even wonderful experiences with indie brands. And cue Life’s Entropy, where I was even more impressed with the seller, Jane, because she made contact with me first when she realised that my tracking number wasn’t updating and it probably meant that my order was lost in the mail (Thanks, Obama, I kid, I kid, you’re a cool guy.). I was going to send her the typical apologetic email inquiring about my order after one month, but she emailed me first and offered to refund me or replace my order and on top of that, she threw in a 20% off promo code. That’s awesomesauce customer service for you, right there :D

 Hung out with the Shauns the other day where they brought me to try a new Japanese restaurant. Yes, Japanese food is a weakness, sashimi is akin to you aiming an arrow at Achilles’ heel. (my analogies make no sense, but that’s okay.) The service was apparently not as good as it used to be, but I thought it was still acceptable, but yay~ the food was pretty decent and even though it’s kind of on the pricey side, it’s good to indulge once in a while :D But it is really quite out of the way for me (and them too, I suspect.) But that’s okay, Singaporeans are known to travel just to eat. And here I am, trying to lose weight =.= That’s a futile goal…

Sorry if I haven’t been around lately and stuff because Pokemon is eating my life. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but I think I’ve put in over 70+ hours in those two Pokemon games because yes, now that I’m mostly done with the storyline, I’m trying to catch them all. Which is obviously a foolish goal, so very foolish. But that’s me doing my thing, wishing that being a Pokemon Trainer was an actual career goal because do you know how much money I have in the Pokemon universe just by defeating small kids!?

And lastly, I shall end this with an old Edenbridge song that I re-stumbled upon. I remembered liking Edenbridge back in 2005-ish? When I first got into symphonic metal and there was just so many bands to try out and somehow they never made the cut, haha. But yes, I was looking for some Xandria songs and ta-da, Edenbridge popped up, and hey, nostalgia moment.