now is the winter of our discontent

Remember October and the Autumn/Halloween perfume collections? Well, December is not to be outdone, and now we have the Winter/Yule collections to review~

ETA: Completed~ :D

This will eventually be the masterlist of the perfumes that I’m reviewing over the course of December, but for now, since everything is still tentative, all I can say is that I’ll be reviewing perfumes from Sixteen92, Solstice Scents, One Hand Washes the Other, Twyla/Wolfpeach Perfumes and Bath Sabbath.

01 sixteen92 – black forest hot chocolate
02 sixteen92 – coconut creme hot chocolate
03 sixteen92 – mexican hot chocolate
04 sixteen92 – peppermint hot chocolate
05 sixteen92 – red velvet hot chocolate
06 sixteen92 – toasted marshmallow
07 sixteen92 – ex tenebris lux
08 sixteen92 – hellebore
09 sixteen92 – rook
10 sixteen92 – sacre coeur
11 sixteen92 – wintering
12 antimony blue – love like winter
13 bath sabbath – black xmas
14 bath sabbath – christmas with the devil
15 bath sabbath – dead winter dead
16 bath sabbath – mistress for christmas
17 bath sabbath – no presents for christmas
18 bath sabbath – winter madness
19 bath sabbath – wizards in winter
20 solstice scents – chocolate peppermint bark
21 solstice scents -snowshow pass
22 one hand washes the other – waes hail
23 wolfpeach perfumes – lumi
24 twyla perfumes – spirit of christmas past
25 twyla perfumes – spirit of christmas present
26 twyla perfumes – spirit of christmas future
27 black phoenix alchemy laboratory – archangel winter
28 black phoenix alchemy laboratory – dust of snow
29 black phoenix alchemy laboratory – the snow maiden
30 black phoenix alchemy laboratory – snow white
31 black phoenix alchemy laboratory – winter heavens


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