BPAL; Snow White

Not sure if it makes a difference to note this but my little sample of Snow White is most likely the 2008 version.

a chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

… Okay wow, when I first applied it on my skin and took a sniff, I had to go back and double check the label on my sample vial, because this was not what I was expecting. What did I get? A mixture of very very weird notes jumbled together: Almond, like the taste you’d get in those Chinese-styled almond tofu dessert, mixed with cat piss, and some sort of weird plasticky smell. Yeah, sounds terrible? I think I know what’s the culprit though – the night blooming flowers. I suspect when they say night blooming flowers, they meant tuberose. Because people have been of divided opinions when it comes to tuberose since ages ago:

The multi-petalled flower is a mix of flower shop freshness and velvety opulence. Which is why it is the perennial polarizing flower note having as many ardent fans as passionate detractors. The Victorians must have been among the latter: they forbade young girls of inhaling the scent of tuberose in the fear they might have a spontaneous orgasm! Roja Dove is right when he says that tuberose is really loose, the “harlot of perfumery”.

Though the scent can be likened to that of orange blossom and gardenia, tuberose has interesting facets of camphor in the opening (comparable to – but not quite that green – as budding gardenias), of dewy mushroom and earth when in bloom and then of rot and bloody meat when browning. Buttery, rubbery and even metallic facets also emerge if one searches for them. (source)

So yes, Snow White is very sweet and creamy, but also… too cat piss-ish for me. Luckily, the sillage is not too overwhelming; no one is going to stand five feet away from you and get knocked out from this scent, unlike some other tuberose perfumes I have tried before. I think I’d like this perfume more if I got more of the winter and snow notes rather than the blast of white floral.


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