Twyla Perfumes; The Spirit of Christmas Present

Next in the Christmas Trio line-up~

 The Spirit of Christmas Present (Chocolate Mint Cognac): a delicious blend of cacao absolute, French green cognac, bourbon vanilla and mint

Chocolate and booze, delicious dark chocolate and rich creamy booze :D I love this, it smells like an alcoholic dinner mint, and I wish I had an alcoholic dinner mint right now to eat because this perfume, while tasty smelling, isn’t edible ;_; why not, right? Unlike The Spirit of Christmas Past, which was delicate and light, this one has more presence, thanks to the stronger cognac note. I think it smells quite classy, like think old-school gentlemen’s clubs kind of class.

The projection for The Spirit of Christmas Present is much higher than for Christmas Past, maybe because the past is long gone and only exists as vague memories while the present is rooted in the now? Idk, they do have similar longevity though, around 4 hours or so before it fades away to a creamy light scent on my wrist.


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