Twyla Perfumes; Spirit of Christmas Past

Yet another limited edition collection from Twyla Perfumes, this time featuring the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future, named thusly after Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

 The Spirit of Christmas Past (White Chocolate Cognac Creme): a creamy, sweet yet wistfully delicate blend of massoia bark, pressed flowers, and French white cognac

Soft, and creamy, with the slightest touch of mint in the opening, the cognac is the most prominent note on my skin. While described as a white chocolate cognac creme, I detect no traces of chocolate notes. Instead, it’s delicate and floral, like a wispy dream. I find that Twyla Perfumes is very good at these creamy, light scents. The scent remains fairly linear, as I do not detect any additional notes other than flowers and the boozy cognac, but it is simply very pretty and yes, I’m going to hoard this bottle as well.


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