Twyla Perfumes; Lumi

I have no idea what has happened to Twyla Apothecary/Wolfpeach Perfumes, but I still adore Lumi, one of the perfumes in her old Winter line-up.

Since the site is pretty much gone, and I can’t find any description of the notes of Lumi, I’m stuck with using my nose.

Creamy and slightly powdery, Lumi is deliciously feminine. I get the soft comforting warmth of pale violets, with light hints of sandalwood and vanilla. I think the scent is anchored around a white musk type of base, creating a sort of hazy dreamy kind of scent. It’s like the first fall of snow, with tiny snowflakes falling down from the skies and landing gently, oh-so-gently, to rest on an eyelash.

Relatively low sillage, just above skin level barely, with an average wear time of 4 to 5 hours. I’m definitely hoarding my 6 ml bottle of Lumi, because I don’t know when Wolfpeach Perfumes will be back, and I think there was really quite a long break between her transition from Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary to Wolfpeach Perfumes. Hopefully it’s not some serious real life issues that she’s dealing with, and she will be able to get back to blending gorgeous perfumes soon.


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