Bath Sabbath; No Presents For Christmas

No Presents For Christmas was actually an extra sample that Virginia threw into my order, but I added it in to the list of December perfumes to be reviewed because it is technically one of her Winter line ups, though not in the main collection apparently.

I couldn’t find any actual list of notes anywhere, other than the very vague one-liner on Virginia’s tumblr which describes No Presents For Christmas to be ‘This smells like Christmas, man. CHRISTMAS’. So… I guess it’s up to my nose and my ability to sniff out the various notes in this perfume’s composition.

To be honest, I thought this one smelled a little like one of those previous scents, kind of like Mistress For Christmas, but after re-smelling Mistress For Christmas, I think they share similar notes. Probably ginger. No Presents For Christmas is brighter and almost citrus-y to me, whereas Mistress For Christmas is very obviously a gourmand scent.

I think there is nutmeg/cinnamon + ginger mainly in this blend, but I could be really wrong.


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