Bath Sabbath; Christmas with the Devil

the classic combination of frankincense and myrrh. A smoky, musky blend rounded out by notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

Christmas with the Devil… Hmm, why would the Devil celebrate Christmas anyway. And given that frankincense and myrrh are two of the three gifts that the three wise men gave to baby Jesus… I wouldn’t think the Devil would want to be reminded of his arch-enemy’s birthday? Idk, are the two considered nemeses anyway? Or does Jesus not even care about defeating the Devil? Or is it more of a see who can recruit more members to their exclusive little clubs first? (I think I’m definitely leaning towards the Devil’s side, what with all the blasphemizing I’m doing right now. [and yes, I know blasphemizing isn’t an actual word])

Frankincense slightly sweetened with vanilla, with the scent of myrrh rounding out the perfume into a musky evocative blend. Not overly sweet, I would say that this scent lies almost on the masculine scale. The opening was actually pretty decent, but once it dried down… eh, it kind of went a little strange on me? Almost like smelling sawdust, except I have never smelled sawdust before, but I think it’s the cinnamon? And I get very little longevity or projection from the perfume. It’s like 30 minutes after application and it’s hardly noticeable.


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