Antimony Blue; Love Like Winter

Warmth feels like a memory in this world under ice. You crave it, ache for it, humming electric as your breath turns to lace in the savage winter air. What you need is the rush of blood, the vivid red of passion, the spark of excitement kindling to a fire all its own.

Red and white, fire and ice, vitality and death — late harvest fruits under layers of snow, crisp winter air and vanilla lace, warmed with resinous blood. Infused with Venus’ Hair Quartz to ease the gloom of winter.

This was originally going to be a review of One Hand Washes the Other’s Waes Hail, but I just got my order of Antimony Blue‘s Love Like Winter in the mail, so let’s switch it to this new perfume.

 I’m not going to lie, I got Love Like Winter because of its name – AFI, one of my favourite bands has a song by the same name, and I’m secretly hoping that the perfume was inspired by the song.

Antimony Blue is a relatively new shop and they don’t seem to have a large catalogue of scents at the moment, so I limited my Black Friday order to merely one perfume, but Ghost, the owner, was kind enough to throw in two samples despite my small order.

To be honest, I can’t really pick out a lot of individual notes in Love Like Winter. I get a sweet citrus-y scent in the opening, almost like lemon candy, along with the a deeper green note, which reminds me of evergreen pines. After the scent has dries on my skin, the citrus and green has vanishes into a blend of sweet and resinous notes.


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