Sixteen92; Wintering

absolutes of hay, tobacco and beeswax (not vegan), patchouli, vanilla bean, spices (ginger, cinnamon, clove, etc)

“This is the time of hanging on for the bees–the bees
So slow I hardly know them,
Filing like soldiers
To the syrup tin”
Sylvia Plath, Wintering

The crunch of Fall’s last leaves underfoot, fragile and frost-blanketed. Dry hay bales, chilled earth, and thick honey warmed with gingerbread-spiced vanilla bean.

Is hay sweet? Does it smell kind of like wheat? Because that’s how the opening of Wintering appears to me. Beyond the ‘hay smelling element’ to me, I also get the gingerbread and honey parts, warm and sweet behind the hay. The clove here is restrained and toned down, thankfully, because clove isn’t a good note on me.

Strangely, I don’t detect any patchouli at all, and Wintering doesn’t really feel like a winter sort of scent to me. It feels more autumnal, like one of those ‘autumn is coming to an end, and people are baking bread’, except now that I think of it, gingerbread is more of a winter food… for autumn, it would be pumpkins.

But overall, a well-behaved perfume that doesn’t changes much, so if you want a dry and warm, sweet but not cloyingly so type of scent, Wintering would be a good choice.

This is the last of Sixteen92’s Winter and Hot Chocolate Bar Collections! And tomorrow we will be embarking on a different brand, a different journey :D Check out the details here~


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