one day at a time

some work related thoughts:

– I can’t wait for B2 to come back from his reservist camp thing because he is good at entertaining us and lunch wouldn’t be a quiet stilted affair.

– B1 screwed up majorly, and my first thought was relief, you know, that it wasn’t me, because I’m such a careless person, and I don’t want to be lectured by those higher ups. Heck, I don’t want to talk to them for more than it is necessary.

– The office party planning is going reaaaaally slowly because people can’t be half arsed to reply to my email, and I foresee a lot of crappy food at the potluck because people just want to buy the cheapest possible option.

– Plus there’s a gift exchange involved, so everyone would have to spend like around 40 to 50 bucks on this party. Which is what, half a day’s salary?! Man, it would be cheaper to buy an MC.

– Work has been slow, but they have been finding random stuff for us to do, which usually puts me to sleep because checking through Excel spreadsheets and looking at fine details – that’s not my thing. I’m a big picture sort of person, when I bother to look at the picture, of course.

– It’s only been a month and already I’m bored with the food options available here. And since B2 hasn’t been around this week, no one will eat McDonalds’ with me to collect the One Piece toys… B1 is super boring when it comes to lunch and life in general, I suspect. So I ended up eating Cedele’s salads on my own, because idk why people think salad = grass.

– Starting to mainline coffee these days to keep myself upright, I don’t know why, because it’s not as though I’m sleeping at 1 or 2 am. I now go to bed at more respectable timings, like 11 or 12 plus! D:

– Random colleagues not in my department but sitting near us appear to have gossiping sessions every bloody day for like an hour plus or so. They will just congregate at this lady’s table, which is opposite mine, and start chitchatting, and now I know too much about a random stranger’s life. Which is kind of disturbing because I know so much about him, yet I have never even looked at him in the eye before…


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