Sixteen92; Hellebore

A dark winter floral blend, earthy, cold, and a little dangerous: Tuberose absolute, Sambac Jasmine, oakmoss, tobacco, chilled earth, cacao, black musk

So I had to Google what a Hellebore is, and it’s apparently a flower! (No, I couldn’t tell from the name. Yes, I flunked Herbology.) It is also known as Winter Rose, or Christmas Rose despite not being related to the rose family. (Information presented to you from Wikipedia, the source everyone goes to even though professors won’t admit it. I kid, I kid.)

Hellebore opens with a strong mixture of cacao and damp earth, with just the faintest hint of musk in the background, helping to soften out the edges of the scent as the cacao and earthy notes can be rather jarring. As it slowly dries down, the white floral notes are more prominent, in fact I can smell the jasmine note really distinctly, with the tuberose coming out to play once in a while. Aaand now, the weird part of my brain decides that by some strange chance, the drydown of Hellebore smells like uncooked rice grains to me.

The white floral notes give this scent slightly more projection and longevity, clocking in at over 4 hours and still going strong.


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