three strikes

Maybe I’m becoming more petty in my old age (I may look like a teenager, despite being twenty-something, but my soul? Is a crotchety old man yelling at kids to get off my non-existential lawn), but I’m too tired of putting up with bullshit. And I’ve been getting a lot of bullshit at work.

First week: I got warned for surfing the internet at work despite there being absolutely nothing for us to do because we had no access to any work related materials, the other permanent staff had no time to show us the ropes because they had enough work on their plates. Normally, I wouldn’t be annoyed by this, except for the fact that she’s being hypocritical for reprimanding me because she freaking does it too. And because she’s not tech savvy, she uses her work email to sign up with newsletters and floods the general work mailbox with spam.

Last week: we had lunch with one of the superiors, let’s call her Y. And my reporting officer, who shall be known as A, got super pissed at us because we exceeded the lunch hour by 40 minutes. Apparently the two ladies aren’t on good terms and we became proxies for them to fight through.

Before lunch, I was asked over to Y’s table to do some work for her, which made A kind of pissy because she did not want Y to use me, she wanted her to take one of the other temps. But because Y was still higher than her in the chain of command, she didn’t push the issue. Then came the eventful lunch where we took 40 minutes longer than the allotted hour and she took the other two temps away to talk to them in private, warning them that no matter who we went to lunch with, an hour meant an hour, and the next time this happened, she’d deduct it from our pay. She didn’t get to speak to me at this moment because I went back to Y’s table to continue with work. But I found out through the work messenger that she wouldn’t sign our timesheets if she didn’t talk to us.

I went over to her and asked to speak with her, but mentioned that I hadn’t finished my work, and her face just went black, and snidely, she told me, ‘up to you’. I only managed to talk to her before work ended, and I had to rush because she is the type to go off at exactly on the dot. And yup, I got the same warning as the other two temps. Which is like bullshit – what, do I tell my boss, ‘Hey, it’s been an hour, stop eating and let’s go!’ *rolls eyes*

This week: As though it is to show Y that I was a busy person, A kept calling me over to her table to do mundane shit. On Monday, I was made to sit beside her aaaaand… you’d never imagine what I had to do – press the phone numbers, hand the receiver over to her, wait for her to finish talking, put the receiver back on the phone hook, and type out emails as she dictated. Which is seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! Dude, do you think I’m that free? I’m not, alright, mate? One of the permanent staff was away on leave and I had to cover his duties and there are a lot of random things to do, so asking me to press buttons on a phone and handing it over to you is so effing mundane and stupid that even a personal assistant wouldn’t do it for you. And the one most annoying thing that bugged me? She said that she would follow up with contacting these people. So why the hell do I have to sit beside you and act like your own personal servant?! And it’s not just on Monday, she made me go back on Tuesday as well.

I’ve worked at a handful of jobs – retail and office and teaching positions. Let’s ignore the teaching posts because the parents and the counter staff at the music school treat me pretty respectfully. I get called ‘Teacher’, like you know, how the Japanese people use ‘Sensei’? Yeah, at least I have some authority as a teacher there.

As for retail, yeah, customers suck, but my superiors were all pretty good to me. I remember my first job as a promoter at Robinsons where the manager took me on a small shopping spree at the food section of Marks and Spencer, telling me to pick out anything that I wanted as a going-away present. My LTA superiors were also really nice to me – there was this dude who would make me go on coffee runs, but he’d always buy me coffee as well, and teach me the ropes. The NTUC boss was the best of the lot, since she’d buy us food every couple of days, she came and stayed later than all of us, she was also super competent, whatever we couldn’t finish, she’d complete it by herself and I really liked her and if the pay was better, I’d have continue to work under her.


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