go awaaaaay

Brace yourself… work is going to be super busy soon.

Firstly, a whole bunch of people are going on leave, and since they’re lowly executives, we have to take over their duties. The guy I’m supposed to be covering? Will be away for one entire month because he’s going for a major surgery and it’s probably going to take him that long to recover. Another two will be away for two weeks and I am not looking forward to covering their workload because they have a lot of work and it’s all finance stuff, which basically makes me loopy and restless and I end up wanting to set everything on fire.

Also I do not appreciate that one person who keeps on walking here and there and checking up on us and calling for useless meetings just to show people that she’s doing work. Like, fuck, you’re not adding any value here, okay? You’re just annoying people with your own hypocritical ways and you know, I’m going to enjoy not seeing you for an entire month too. (Hilariously, no one was asked to cover her duties because does she even have any duties? It’s like the people under her are on the ball while she’s barely in the loop most of the time.)

Well, for now, I have to smile and pretend to be a good subordinate while I grit my teeth and practice my own brand of hypocrisy because I have a working sense of self-preservation and I need the money.


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