Things I Love Thursday

One more day to the weekend where we can all relax. Except not really because there are still people who have to work on the weekends. Like me. Why, cruel deity, why.

Real Life
Met up with some of the old temps to celebrate a birthday~ We went to eat at Saboten, a Japanese restaurant that serves mainly tonkatsu dishes, though I had salmon instead, haha. But yeah, I love hanging out with this two crazy kids because one of so deadpan, the other is a total cloud cuckoolander :D

Also I have enlisted the help of various groups of friends to help me with one momentous task: 海賊王に俺はなる! *ahem* I mean, I will catch them all! Oh wait. That’s not it either. Hopefully with One Piece’s popularity, the McDonalds’ here will be more willing to bring in more anime related toys :D

Slacking at work = awesome~ But… January will be a killer because one of the executives will be away for an entire month because of medical reasons. For now, we just hide away in a corner and pretend to study. Yup. If my bosses see this, I’m dead.


Went to watch Bill Bailey on Monday~ It was hilarious and so fun and I love the fact that I was freaking close to the stage. Close enough to see his expressions clearly, which was why I bought a good ticket. Because after watching so many stand up comedians performing on Youtube, I know that expressions can be really important in creating an overall experience, so of course I forked the money out.

Hopefully they bring in other comedians as well – there are so many that I’d pay to watch live!

Then there was the London Symphony Orchestra as well. While the pianist for Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 was not the most amazing performer out there, I thought he had really good technical skills and the orchestra was really fantastic. Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 is a favourite of mine – to me, it really runs through the whole gamut of emotions; it opens with a tense series of chords that reminds one of heavy church bells, then comes the running passages that intensifies the highly charged atmosphere but you can hear how it remains in control, as though the aggression is restrained, only just barely. Then slowly the lyrical movement comes, moving gracefully and less agitated until the last part when you think the theme is returning, only not.

Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 3 was a thing of beauty as well, the sound beautifully crafted by the LSO, the concertmaster’s violin was simply wondrous and I enjoyed the percussion section as well.

I have also been rewatching Leverage… while I play Bejeweled 3 because I need sound in the background. (No the sound effects in-game doesn’t count). But yeah, I missed the banter! And the fun heists that the team pull! :D

Material Goods
A bunch of things arrived this week :D and I love it! But I think the post people hate me more and more with every package that enters my mailbox. I’m sorry, postal workers!

First up, I got my Kickstarter book~ The second book in the Littlest Lovecraft series: The Dunwich Horror. Plus a set of postcards and a glossy print as well as a bookmark and a ex libris sticker to paste on the front page.

And there’s this set of Whipped Lip Butters from Live Beautifully Body on Etsy. They’re not the most moisturizing lip products on the market, but goddamn they are really fantastic to apply. It goes on cool, and melts on your lips and smells so delicious… unfortunately they do not taste delicious. They have a ton of flavours, and I got 4 of them: Raspberry & Vanilla, Root Beer & Vanilla, Hazelnut & Vanilla and Peach & Vanilla. They also threw in a mini sized lip balm as a freebie as well as a discount code for my next purchase.

Next one is from One Hand Washes the Other. The turnabout time for this one took almost forever – I ordered it last month and I think it took around 20 days or so before it shipped. But it’s okay, I wasn’t really in a rush for my products. As long as they turn up, I’m okay with waiting. Unless you wait forever and they never appear… then I’ll kick up a fuss.

But hey, remember the Solanum perfume that I reviewed during the mass Autumn/Halloween indie perfume reviews I did in October? Well, here’s the perfume oil version~ and I also got two other perfumes, which were inspired by the BBC Sherlock series, featuring our favourite detective and mastermind :D

OHWTO’s Holiday perfumes are up as well, and I’m thinking of getting a couple of things, but I’ll wait till the Black Friday sales “D because I’m cheap like that.

And lastly, the awesome Fyrinnae with their once in a blue moon sales. I ordered only a few things, mainly because I was at work and I had to teach piano in like half an hour and I couldn’t spend too much time browsing.

I love the cute little tubes that their trial lip lustres come in, it’s adorably compact and easy to bring around. Not that I wear a lot of makeup these days. No time, as the White Rabbit shouts, no time.


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