Day 18

another Dragon Age fanfic snippet, this one belongs in the later parts of the game.

“Damnit, Anders! Will you tell me what’s going on?” Aria demanded, slamming the door to the clinic shut. It was late enough that there were no longer any patients lying around or waiting for their turns outside the tiny hovel. She had deliberately chosen to seek Anders out at this late hour to ensure that the mage could not evade her questions.

Anders gazed at her, his expression closed off and guarded, “What do you think is going on?”

She bit back a harsh swear, “Look, I’m not dumb, alright? I mean, I know I’m no mage, but don’t you think I can work out what those ingredients you wanted were for?”

Her words were met with silence, and she understood the implications perfectly, “There’s no ritual at all, not even a potion,” she stated hollowly, feeling strangely calm and composed even as her mind screamed at his betrayal. “What in Andraste’s name are you hoping to achieve? Outright war?”

“It’s too late already, Aria.” Anders replied stonily, “I’m sorry, I never wanted it to get this far, but there wasn’t any choice!”

“Maker, what have you done now, Anders?” she could see the regret in his eyes, regret that he was hurting her, and cold resignation. She scrubbed at her eyes tiredly, feeling lost all of a sudden, “Can’t you see that this is madness? Whatever happens, it will only make everything worse. The tension in Kirkwall is just moments away from exploding…”

Anders’ eyes began to glow and she took a small step back, not really wanting to deal with the Justice spirit residing within Anders’ body, “Anders, I just want you to be safe, with my family. Please don;t do anything that will hurt Carver and Bethany, please.”

Anders faltered, his stern expression softened as he thought of the two younger Hawke siblings, both in the Gallows, and highly vulnerable to whatever schemes or machinations that Meredith or Orsino planned.


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